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Exam Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture
Number 4A0-104
File Name Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture.PracticeTest.4A0-104.2018-11-11.1e.173q.vcex
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Posted November 11, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which tree in the CLI would you need to be in to add a QoS policy to a SAP?

  • A: config>router#
  • B: config>qos#
  • C: config>port#
  • D: config>service#

Question 2
Which of the following commands is used to disable an Epipe service?

  • A: config>service# epipe service-id shutdown
  • B: config>service# vpws service-id shutdown
  • C: config>service# service-id shutdown
  • D: config>port# port-id shutdown.
  • E: config>service# epipe service-id disable

Question 3
Which of the following commands is required to configure an Ethernet port to be used as a SAP in a service?

  • A: Configure service sap sap-id access
  • B: Configure port port-id Ethernet mode access
  • C: Configure port port-id Ethernet mode network
  • D: Configure port port-id mode access
  • E: Configure port port-id mode network

Question 4
Which of the following tasks must be carried out before deleting an Epipe service? (Choose 4)

  • A: Shut down all SAPs associated with the service.
  • B: Shut down all SDPs associated with the service.
  • C: Delete all SAPs and SDPs associated with the service.
  • D: Shut down all physical ports that are bound to a SAP.
  • E: Delete the Customer ID.
  • F: Shut down the service.

Question 5
A customer requests that their Layer 2 Ethernet service be configured to forward frames up to 9000 bytes. The service provider is using MPLS encapsulation. 
What is the minimum MTU setting for the network ports?

  • A: 9000
  • B: 9004
  • C: 9008
  • D: 9022
  • E: 9036

Question 6
3 Epipe services and 2 VPLS services have been configured between two PE routers. How many service labels will be signaled in total?

  • A: 2
  • B: 3
  • C: 4
  • D: 5
  • E: 6
  • F: 10

Question 7
Which of the following statements are TRUE about configuring a SDP between an IES and a VPLS? (Choose 2)

  • A: The SDP must be a mesh
  • B: The SDP must be a spoke.
  • C: Once the SDP is configured on both PE routers, both the services will be operationally up without further configuration changes.
  • D: The Layer 2 MTUs must match between the IES and the VPLS
  • E: The Layer 2 MTU must be 14 bytes smaller on the VPLS than it is on the IES.

Question 8
Port 1/1/1 has been configured as an access port with encapsulation dot1q on an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR. Which of the following statements are TRUE? (Choose 2)

  • A: The SAP 1/1/1 will forward all traffic transparently.
  • B: The SAP 1/1/1:0.* will forward all untagged traffic and traffic tagged with VLAN 0.
  • C: The SAP 1/1/1:* will forward untagged traffic but not tagged traffic.
  • D: TheSAP1/1/1:400 will forward customer traffic tagged with VLAN 400
  • E: The SAP 1/1/1:0 will forward untagged traffic and traffic tagged with VLAN 0

Question 9
Which VPWS service would be used to create a point-to-point Frame Relay service?

  • A: Epipe
  • B: Apipe
  • C: Fpipe
  • D: Ipipe
  • E: Cpipe

Question 10
Which routing protocol cannot be run over an Ipipe?

  • A: OSPF
  • B: RIP
  • C: BGP
  • D: IS-IS



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