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Exam Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)
Number 100-105
File Name Cisco.PracticeTest.100-105.2017-01-06.1e.114q.vcex
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Posted January 06, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following loop avoidance mechanisms drives the requirement to create subinterfaces for each point-to-point connection in a partially meshed frame relay network?

  • A: split horizon
  • B: poison reverse
  • C: maximum hop count
  • D: feasible successor

Question 2
You are a network administrator, and you are configuring an access list to permit Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic based on the source and destination IP address of the devices. 
What access list (ACL), protocol, and port number will you configure to permit HTTP traffic? (Choose three.) 

  • A: 23
  • B: 80
  • C: TCP
  • D: UDP
  • E: Standard
  • F: Extended

Question 3
The following shows the partial output of the show cdp neighbors command:
DevicID Local Intrfce Holdtme Capability Platform Port ID 
lab-7206 Eth 0 157 R 7206VXR Fas 0/0/0 
lab-as5300-1 Eth 0 163 R AS5300 Fas 0 
lab-as5300-2 Eth 0 159 R AS5300 Eth 0 
lab-as5300-3 Eth 0 122 R AS5300 Eth 0 
lab-as5300-4 Eth 0 132 R AS5300 Fas 0/0 
lab-3621 Eth 0 140 R S 3631-telcoFas 0/0 
008024 2758E0 Eth 0 132 T CAT3000 1/2 
lab-400-1 Eth 0 130 r FH400 Fas 0/0 

What does "r" represent in this output?

  • A: Router
  • B: Route bridge
  • C: Hub
  • D: Repeater

Question 4
Click and drag the following protocols, applications, and file formats on the left, to their corresponding Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layers.  

Question 5
What statements are NOT true regarding the network shown below? 

  • A: If Fa0/1.4 goes down WKS4 will not be able to contact the FTP server
  • B: Collisions can occur between WKS4 and WKS5
  • C: STP is running
  • D: SW1 is the root bridge
  • E: WKS 5 and WKS 3 are in the same network

Question 6
In the diagram below, when a packet sent from the PC at to the PC at leaves the Fa0/1 interface of R1, what will be the source and destination IP and MAC addresses? 


  • A: source IP destination IP MAC destination MAC ab.ab.ab.ab.ab.ab
  • B: source IP destination IP MAC ad.dd.dd.dd.dd.dd.dd destination MACab.ab.ab.ab.ab.ab
  • C: source IP destination IP MAC destination MAC
  • D: source IP destination IP MAC destination MAC

Question 7
Which of the following IPV6 commands is used to define a static host name-to-address mapping in the host name cache?

  • A: ipv6 host
  • B: ipv6 unicast routing
  • C: ipv6 neighbor
  • D: ipv6 local

Question 8
Which of the following commands would allow you to determine the bandwidth of an interface?

  • A: show interfaces
  • B: show interfaces accounting
  • C: show cdp
  • D: show cdp neighbors

Question 9
You are configuring all your devices for IPv6. Which of the following is the only device that requires the ipv6 unicast-routing command?

  • A: Layer 2 switch
  • B: Router
  • C: Adaptive security appliance
  • D: Wireless AP

Question 10
The following exhibit displays the MAC address table of a switch in your network, along with the location of each device connected to the switch:
Which of the following frames will be flooded to all ports after it is received by the switch?

  • A: source MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BD, destination MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BF
  • B: source MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BF, destination MAC:12-34-56-78-9A-BD
  • C: source MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BF, destination MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BC
  • D: source MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BC, destination MAC: 12-34-56-78-9A-BF



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