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Exam Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2 v3.0)
Number 200-105
File Name Cisco.200-105.1e.68q.vcex
Size 1006 Kb
Posted July 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your network consists of one HSRP group of six routers. All of the routers are functioning properly. The network has been stable for several days. In which HSRP state are most of the routers?

  • A: Learn
  • B: Listen
  • C: Standby
  • D: Active

Question 2
Click and drag the RSTP port state on the left to its matching equivalent STP role, on the right. RSTP port states may be used more than once, and it may not be necessary to use all RSTP port states. 

Question 3
What is the significance of the 1 in the following configuration? 
router(config)# router eigrp 1

  • A: It is the process ID for EIGRP and is locally significant to this router.
  • B: It is the process ID for EIGRP and must be the same on all EIGRP routers.
  • C: It is the AS number for EIGRP and is locally significant to this router.
  • D: It is the AS number for EIGRP and must be the same on all EIGRP routers.

Question 4
You are in the process of verifying the operation of your core switches, which are using HSRP. One core switch was left with the default priority; the other was given a lower priority to make it the standby switch. The command show standby brief was executed on one of the switches. Output of the command is shown below:

What does this output mean? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A: this switch is using the default priority
  • B: this switch is the active HSRP switch
  • C: the HSRP devices are up and functioning correctly
  • D: the switch intended to be the active switch has failed and this switch has taken over
  • E: preemption is enabled for the group

Question 5
Which command enables HSRP on an interface?

  • A: hsrp
  • B: standby ip
  • C: standby mode hsrp
  • D: switchport mode hsrp

Question 6
Which of the following technologies allows a switch port to immediately transition to a forwarding state?

  • A: Rapid STP
  • B: PortFast
  • C: VTP
  • D: CDP

Question 7
Which switch will be selected as the root bridge by Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?

  • A: switch with lowest bridge ID
  • B: switch with lowest IP address
  • C: switch with lowest Media Access Control (MAC) address
  • D: switch with lowest number of root ports

Question 8
You are the Cisco administrator for Verigon Incorporated. The given exhibit displays some of the devices in the network. (Click the Exhibit(s) button.) Workstation A can communicate with Workstation C but cannot communicate with Workstation B.  

What is the problem?

  • A: Workstation B has an incorrect default gateway
  • B: Workstation A has an incorrect subnet mask
  • C: Workstation A has an incorrect default gateway
  • D: Workstation B has an incorrect subnet mask

Question 9
Which of the following statements is NOT true of Cisco ACI?

  • A: It is a comprehensive SDN architecture.
  • B: It uses Cisco APIC as the central management system.
  • C: It provides policy driven automation support.
  • D: It decreases network visibility.

Question 10
Which technique is used to stop routing loops by preventing route update information from being sent back over the interface on which it arrived?

  • A: Holddown timer
  • B: Triggered updates
  • C: Route poisoning
  • D: Split horizon
  • E: Maximum hop count



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