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Exam CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)
Number 200-125
File Name Cisco.Pass4sure.200-125.2017-09-21.1e.204q.vcex
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Posted September 21, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the purpose of frame tagging in Virtual LAN (VLAN) configurations?

  • A: inter-VLAN routing
  • B: encryption of network packets
  • C: frame identification over trunk links
  • D: frame identification over access links

Question 2
Click and drag the OSI layer, on the left, to the commands at which they test functionality. If a command can test more than one layer, choose the highest layer for which it can test. (It may be necessary to use an OSI layer multiple times.) 

Question 3
The output of the show ip route command is given:
Router# show ip route 
Gateway of last resort is to network 
O [110/5] via, 0:01:00, Ethernet2
B [200/128] via, 0:02:22, Ethernet2
O [110/5] via, 0:00:59, Ethernet2
O [110/5] via, 0:00:59, Ethernet2
What does the value 110 in the output represent?

  • A: The administrative distance of the information source
  • B: The metric to the route
  • C: The type of route
  • D: The port number of the remote router

Question 4
Which set of Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) commands is used on Cisco routers to set a password for Telnet lines?

  • A: router(config-router)# line vty 0 4 
    router(config-line)# login 
    router(config-line)# password password
  • B: router(config)# line telnet 0 4 
    router(config-line)# login 
    router(config-line)# password password
  • C: router(config)# line aux 0 
    router(config-line)# login 
    router(config-line)# password password
  • D: router(config)# line vty 0 4 
    router(config-line)# login 
    router(config-line)# password password

Question 5
Group the special DHCP messages exchanged over the network, on the left, into the different transmission types, on the right. 

Question 6
In which of the following networks does the address reside?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 7
What is the primary benefit of the Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Trunking Protocol (VTP)?

  • A: broadcast control
  • B: frame tagging
  • C: inter-VLAN routing
  • D: consistent VLAN configuration across switches in a domain

Question 8
Which of the following is NOT a feature offered by Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)?

  • A: variable length subnet masks (VLSM)
  • B: partial updates
  • C: neighbor discovery mechanism
  • D: multiple vendor compatibility

Question 9
You are the network administrator for your company and have configured Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) in your network. You recently noticed that when devices send large numbers of CDP neighbor announcements, some devices are crashing. You decide to disable CDP on the router. 
Which command should you use to achieve the objective?

  • A: no cdp run
  • B: set cdp disable
  • C: no cdp enable
  • D: no cdp advertise-v2

Question 10
Which of the following topologies is used in Wide Area Networks (WANs)?

  • A: FDDI
  • B: CDDI
  • C: SONET
  • D: Token Ring 



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