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Exam Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals
Number 200-355
File Name Cisco.PracticeDumps.200-355.2018-05-31.1e.310q.vcex
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Posted May 31, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer has enabled the primary DNS server to return the correct controller IP address in response to a CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.localdomain request coming from new access points associating to the wireless network. The access points seem to still be receiving the wrong IP address and cannot associate to the primary controller. 
Which option explains why the access points are receiving the wrong IP information?

  • A: The DHCP option 43 has an incorrect controller IP address configured.
  • B: The DNS server must be configured to respond to CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER.localdomain request.
  • C: The controller and wireless action point need to be Layer 2 adjacent.
  • D: The controller must be configured for DHCP option 15 request.

Question 2
An engineer has just deployed a Cisco Aironet 3702 Access Point with an access layer switch that supports IEEE 802.1af Power over Ethernet. 
How will the access points react to the wattage that is available in 802.1af?

  • A: disable the BVI interface
  • B: fail to boot in CAPWAP mode
  • C: operate in 3x3 MIMO mode
  • D: enable the 2.4-GHz radios with 40-MHz channel bonding

Question 3
A customer has a corporate SSID that is configured to authenticate against an ISE server to validate client credentials on the corporate SSID. The customer has a firewall logically positioned on the network between the WLC and the ACS server in the network architecture. Which port must the firewall allow to ensure that authentication can occur?

  • A: 43
  • B: 1812
  • C: 5146
  • D: 8143

Question 4
Refer to the exhibit. Which wireless functions is the client experiencing? 

  • A: Intra-controller Roaming
  • B: Layer 3 Roaming
  • C: inter-controller Roaming
  • D: inter-subnet Roaming

Question 5

Refer to the exhibit. The site in this AirMagnet Survey heat map is ready for which level of service?

  • A: voice
  • B: data
  • C: location
  • D: RFID

Question 6
Following a WLC upgrade you want to check what version of code the access point is running. Where can you find this information?

  • A: CLI > show sysinfo
  • B: GUI > Monitor > Software Version
  • C: CLI > show running configuration
  • D: GUI > Wireless > Access point > General

Question 7
Which three operations does the lightweight access point manage in a split-MAC design? (Choose three.)

  • A: association and re-association
  • B: frame exchange and client handshake
  • C: RF and mobility management
  • D: beacons and probe responses
  • E: MAC layer data encryption and decryption
  • F: authentication and key management

Question 8
A network engineer is troubleshooting a LAP that is unable to join the controller and receives this message:
LWAPP_CLIENT_ERROR_DEBUG: No more AP manager IP addresses remain
What does the log indicate?

  • A: An AP manager has the same IP address as another AP manager.
  • B: A LAP has the same IP address as the AP manager.
  • C: Two or more LAPs have the same IP address.
  • D: Two or more controllers have the same IP address.

Question 9
An engineer has been asked to upgrade the code on a WLC that is running Cisco AireOS 8.0. Which two protocols can be used to download the code file to the controller? (Choose two.)

  • A: SNMPv2c
  • B: FTP
  • C: SNMPv3
  • D: SFTP
  • E: HTTPS

Question 10
An engineer is gathering information for a wireless survey of a hospital. 
What two pieces of information must be collected for an active survey to access the outcome best suited for the facility? (Choose two.)

  • A: type of devices present on the new wireless network
  • B: utilization of Location Services or voice applications
  • C: existing Network Switch types and model numbers
  • D: use of wireless for secure records
  • E: spectrum analysis to locate all the computer work stations



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