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Exam Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals
Number 200-355
File Name Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals.examlabs.200-355.2019-10-01.1e.338q.vcex
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Posted October 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In the current RF environment, the noise floor is -95 dBm. A tablet needs an SNR of 25 dB to transmit at the required speed. What must the RSSI cell edge be to meet the required SNR?

  • A: -120 dBm
  • B: -90 dBm
  • C: -70 dBm
  • D: -60 dBm
  • E: -50 dBm

Question 2
Which two principles must be considered when deploying a wireless network through a wooded area? (Choose two.)

  • A: absorption
  • B: reflection
  • C: diffraction
  • D: scattering
  • E: refraction

Question 3
A network engineer notices that two mesh APs are having problems communicating. After reviewing the current radio configurations, it is noted that one AP is transmitting at 3 mW while the other is transmitting at 60 mW. How many decibels would the 3-mW AP need its power increased to match the 60-mW AP?

  • A: 8
  • B: 12
  • C: 13
  • D: 20
  • E: 57

Question 4
An engineer needs an AP with at least two spatial streams, four receivers, and three transmitters. Which device meets these requirements?

  • A: 2x4:3
  • B: 2x3:4
  • C: 4x3:2
  • D: 3x4:2

Question 5
The new tablets for the sales department require an SNR of 18 or more to operate. Given a noise floor of -88 dBm, what is the minimum RSSI that is needed?

  • A: -60 dBm
  • B: -70 dBm
  • C: -72 dBm
  • D: -80 dBm
  • E: -96 dBm
  • F: -106 dBm

Question 6
Refer to the exhibit. 


A network engineer needs the far end of a wireless bridge to receive at -45dBM. Based on the diagram, what value in dBm must the transmitter use to send to achieve the desired result?

  • A: -118
  • B: -28
  • C: -20
  • D: 20
  • E: 28
  • F: 118

Question 7
When reading a radiation pattern for an antenna, at which two drops in signal and power is the beam width measured? (Choose two.)

  • A: 3 dB
  • B: 6 dB
  • C: 9 dB
  • D: 10 dB
  • E: 1/2 power
  • F: 1/4 power
  • G: 1/8 power
  • H: 1/10 power

Question 8
When calculating the link budget for a wireless point-to-point bridge, the engineer notices that one antenna has its gain marked as 2.85 dBd. With a 20-mW access point and 3-dBi loss for the cable, what is the approximate EIRP?

  • A: 15 dBm
  • B: 18 dBm
  • C: 22 dBm
  • D: 25 dBm

Question 9
Due to the terrain, a deployment requires a point-to-point wireless bridge to allow for network connectivity to a remote building. What 5GHz band would permitted to use the highest power in the U.S.?

  • A: U-NII-3
  • B: U-NII-2 Extended
  • C: U-NII-2
  • D: U-NII-1

Question 10
A wireless engineer is designing a network for the London branch of a company. Which 5-GHz band allows the branch to use the highest EIRP?

  • A: 2.4-GHz ISM
  • B: UNII-1
  • C: UNII-2
  • D: UNII-2 Extended



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