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Exam Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies
Number 200-401
File Name Cisco.CertDumps.200-401.2017-12-25.1e.64q.vcex
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Posted December 25, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A small manufacturing company has a Class C network address on the plant floor and needs to create five subnets, each accommodating 25 endpoints. 
Which subnet mask needs to be configured?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:
  • F:

Question 2

Refer to the exhibit. Host 3 on Network A is sending data to Host 8 on Network B. Which address is the default gateway of Host 3?

  • A: the address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/0
  • B: the address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/1
  • C: the address of the host that is connected to Network A
  • D: the address of the host that is connected to Network B
  • E: the address of the router interface Fa0/0
  • F: the address of the router interface Fa0/1

Question 3
Which of the following correctly pairs the dotted decimal subnet mask with the correct number of binary bits that represent the subnet mask?

  • A: and /25
  • B: and /28
  • C: and /26
  • D: and /27
  • E: and /28
  • F: and /16

Question 4

Refer to the exhibit. Which port should a PLC with IP address be plugged into in order to communicate to the rest of the network?

  • A: FastEthernet1/1
  • B: FastEthernet1/2
  • C: FastEthernet1/3
  • D: FastEthernet1/4
  • E: FastEthernet1/5

Question 5
Which option allows an EtherNet/IP I/O device to be safely installed where it is subject to water immersion?

  • A: The device is rated IP20 and the power wiring is installed securely to the terminal block.
  • B: The device is rated IP67 and a power cordset is used.
  • C: The device is rated IP67 and immersed to 10 m.
  • D: The device is rated IP20 and immersed to 10 m.

Question 6

Refer to the exhibit. What are three traffic and interconnection requirements for the devices in the exhibit? (Choose three.)

  • A: The EtherNet/IP drive connections are in a high-voltage area and need protection from electromagnetic noise, so shielded cable that is rated for 600 V is advised.
  • B: EtherNet/IP devices such as the controller, drive, VoIP phone, and IP camera should be in the same VLAN.
  • C: CIP traffic has the highest bandwidth requirement so it needs the highest QoS setting.
  • D: EtherNet/IP drive traffic has high sensitivity to random drops, latency, and jitter.
  • E: Real-time motion control and VoIP traffic can share the same VLAN with the proper QoS setting.
  • F: IEEE1588 and PTP are important for ensuring real-time synchronization.

Question 7

Which two statements are correct for a safe wiring installation to the terminal block of the switch or endpoint? (Choose two.)

  • A: Insert a green ground wire into the terminal block that is marked RT for return.
  • B: Verify that DC power is live and within 24 VDC voltage range before starting wiring.
  • C: Verify that the DC power circuit includes an overcurrent protective device that limits the DC current to 5 A.
  • D: Because this is a low-voltage DC circuit, anyone can install this wiring without electrical training or qualifications.
  • E: Connect the positive 24 VDC conductor to the V terminal and connect the negative 24 VDC return wire to the RT terminal.
  • F: A ground wire can optionally be connected to the screw terminal on the front of the switch.

Question 8
What are two benefits of a star network topology? (Choose two.)

  • A: Disruption of the entire network is not required when adding new machines.
  • B: Any problem which leaves the network inoperable can be traced to the central hub.
  • C: This network type requires less cable as compared to linear bus topology.
  • D: The performance of one of the numerous nodes cannot reflect on the performance of other nodes.
  • E: The performance of the entire network is directly dependent on the performance of the hub.

Question 9
Which three of the following components must be elected before the Spanning Tree Protocol can converge in a switched LAN? (Choose three.)

  • A: designated ports
  • B: duplex operating mode
  • C: fast mode ports
  • D: root bridge
  • E: root ports
  • F: BDPU priority

Question 10
What is the purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol?

  • A: to prevent routing loops
  • B: to create a default route
  • C: to provide multiple gateways for hosts
  • D: to maintain a loop-free Layer 2 network topology
  • E: to enhance the functions of SNMP



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