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Exam Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (CIVND)
Number 210-065
File Name Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (CIVND).pass4sures.210-065.2019-06-21.1e.241q.vcex
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Posted June 21, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three features are supported by Cisco TMSPE? (Choose three.)

  • A: Simplified provisioning
  • B: LDAP user import
  • C: Scheduling via Microsoft Outlook
  • D: FindMe
  • E: Jabber for Windows
  • F: Automatic endpoint upgrades

Question 2
Management wants to modify Cisco TMS to allow users to configure the call behavior with their associated devices and dial from a single ID. Which feature needs to be enabled and configured?

  • A: Smart Scheduler
  • B: Low-touch Provisioning
  • C: FindMe
  • D: CMR Provisioning

Question 3
Refer to the exhibit. 


Which configuration item shown in the exhibit should be used to assign the internal and external video communication server address for this group of users?

  • A: User Settings > Video Address pattern
  • B: Administrative Tools > User Settings
  • C: Configuration Template > Edit Template
  • D: User Import > Configuration

Question 4
Which codec is most suitable for a video streaming solution?

  • A: AAC-LD
  • B: G.729
  • C: H.264
  • D: G.711

Question 5
A customer has a data and VoIP converged network and would like to add video to this network. Which two key QoS elements should be included in the new network design? (Choose two.)

  • A: Configure bandwidth management features to smooth bursty traffic and mitigate end-to-end congestion.
  • B: Assign a high priority to transactional traffic to maintain quality of business traffic.
  • C: Keep video traffic on the low latency queue and move voice traffic to a lower-priority queue.
  • D: Apply bandwidth control features that will guarantee bandwidth for the maximum possible amount of video traffic.
  • E: Assign both video and voice traffic to use the highest-priority queue.

Question 6
Which description of medianet is true?

  • A: A set of protocols that accelerate the delivery of media across the network
  • B: A family of switches and routers that support multimedia applications
  • C: When the network works together with the endpoints to scale, optimize, and enhance the performance of collaboration components
  • D: A capability of the network to enhance video streaming quality
  • E: A Cisco proprietary feature that is built on hardware DSP resources

Question 7
Illumination for immersive telepresence:

  • A: reflective
  • B: point
  • C: direct
  • D: indirect

Question 8
Which two standards are supported for streaming live video on Cisco TCS? (Choose two.)

  • A: H.265
  • B: H.261
  • C: H.263
  • D: H.262
  • E: H.270

Question 9
I release a value of acoustic 25 db at a distance of 1 foot. What am I measuring?

  • A: NC
  • B: SPL
  • C: direct ambient reflection
  • D: STC
  • E: local resonance

Question 10
Which standard will support call forwarding?

  • A: H.450.3
  • B: H.323
  • C: RFC 2833
  • D: H.450.2



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