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Exam Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
Number 300-160
File Name Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure.test-king.300-160.2019-10-16.1e.267q.vcex
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Posted October 16, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which statement accurately describes the configuration requirements for disjoint Layer 2 networks on Cisco UCS?

  • A: The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect must be in switch mode.
  • B: The VLAN IDs must overlap in both Layer 2 domains.
  • C: All of the uplinks must be in one port channel to keep all of the ports active.
  • D: The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect must be in end-host mode.

Question 2
Which two options represent an access layer solution designed to accelerate server virtualization, that is managed just like other network devices in the data center? (Choose two.)

  • A: MPIO
  • B: host vPC
  • C: VEM
  • D: VSS
  • E: VSM

Question 3
Service graphs are used to define which option on the Cisco ACI platform?

  • A: a function that a contract must use to get to another contract
  • B: a function that an EPG must use to get to another EPG
  • C: the contract between two EPGs
  • D: the Cisco APIC definitions of the contracts in REST API

Question 4
Which two options are supported on Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects that use native Fibre Channel connectivity? (Choose two.)

  • A: iSCSI
  • B: NFS
  • C: DAS
  • D: SAN
  • E: iFCP

Question 5
If you are connecting a Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect in its default mode to a SAN, what is the operating mode?

  • A: trunk
  • B: NPIV mode
  • C: switching
  • D: NPV mode

Question 6
Which component of a Cisco Nexus 1000V Series switch is responsible for propagating configurations to virtual switches?

  • A: SUP
  • B: FEX
  • C: VSM
  • D: VEM

Question 7
Which two characteristics are associated with the access layer of a Data Center Unified Fabric network? (Choose two.)

  • A: voice, data, and wireless convergence
  • B: no packet manipulation
  • C: QoS-policing
  • D: routing manipulation and filtering
  • E: QoS – classification and queueing

Question 8
Which option accurately describes the OSPF Graceful Restart feature in Cisco NX-OS?

  • A: keeps the plane state active during an OSPF process restart
  • B: shuts down the OSPF process gracefully to replace the router
  • C: prevents the OSPF process from restarting when the process crashes
  • D: allows a router to remain in the data forwarding path during an OSPF process restart

Question 9
When you configure FCIP, which two types of acceleration can you enable to maximize WAN link utilization? (Choose two.)

  • A: SCSI write
  • B: link
  • C: SCSI tape
  • D: WAN
  • E: IP

Question 10
Which technology provides additional scalability and simplification of an Ethernet network, providing more efficient forwarding and eliminating the need for the STP?

  • A: vPC
  • B: PVST+
  • C: FabricPath
  • D: OTV



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