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Exam Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions
Number 300-206
File Name Cisco.CertDumps.300-206.2017-11-25.1e.135q.vcex
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Posted November 25, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
All 30 users on a single floor of a building are complaining about network slowness. After investigating the access switch, the network administrator notices that the MAC address table is full (10,000 entries) and all traffic is being flooded out of every port. Which action can the administrator take to prevent this from occurring?

  • A: Configure port-security to limit the number of mac-addresses allowed on each port
  • B: Upgrade the switch to one that can handle 20,000 entries
  • C: Configure private-vlans to prevent hosts from communicating with one another
  • D: Enable storm-control to limit the traffic rate
  • E: Configure a VACL to block all IP traffic except traffic to and from that subnet

Question 2
A network printer has a DHCP server service that cannot be disabled. How can a layer 2 switch be configured to prevent the printer from causing network issues?

  • A: Remove the ip helper-address
  • B: Configure a Port-ACL to block outbound TCP port 68
  • C: Configure DHCP snooping
  • D: Configure port-security

Question 3
A switch is being configured at a new location that uses statically assigned IP addresses. Which will ensure that ARP inspection works as expected?

  • A: Configure the 'no-dhcp' keyword at the end of the ip arp inspection command
  • B: Enable static arp inspection using the command 'ip arp inspection static vlan vlan-number
  • C: Configure an arp access-list and apply it to the ip arp inspection command
  • D: Enable port security

Question 4
Which of the following would need to be created to configure an application-layer inspection of SMTP traffic operating on port 2525?

  • A: A class-map that matches port 2525 and applying an inspect ESMTP policy-map for that class in the global inspection policy
  • B: A policy-map that matches port 2525 and applying an inspect ESMTP class-map for that policy
  • C: An access-list that matches on TCP port 2525 traffic and applying it on an interface with the inspect option
  • D: A class-map that matches port 2525 and applying it on an access-list using the inspect option

Question 5
What are three features of the Cisco ASA 1000V? (Choose three.)

  • A: cloning the Cisco ASA 1000V
  • B: dynamic routing
  • C: the Cisco VNMC policy agent
  • D: IPv6
  • E: active/standby failover
  • F: QoS

Question 6
If the Cisco ASA 1000V has too few licenses, what is its behavior?

  • A: It drops all traffic.
  • B: It drops all outside-to-inside packets.
  • C: It drops all inside-to-outside packets. 
  • D: It passes the first outside-to-inside packet and drops all remaining packets.

Question 7
A network administrator is creating an ASA-CX administrative user account with the following parameters:
The user will be responsible for configuring security policies on network devices. 
The user needs read-write access to policies. 
The account has no more rights than necessary for the job. 
What role will the administrator assign to the user?

  • A: Administrator
  • B: Security administrator
  • C: System administrator
  • D: Root Administrator
  • E: Exec administrator

Question 8
What command alters the SSL ciphers used by the Cisco Email Security Appliance for TLS sessions and HTTPS access?

  • A: sslconfig
  • B: sslciphers
  • C: tlsconifg
  • D: certconfig

Question 9
What is the CLI command to enable SNMPv3 on the Cisco Web Security Appliance?

  • A: snmpconfig
  • B: snmpenable
  • C: configsnmp
  • D: enablesnmp

Question 10
The Cisco Email Security Appliance can be managed with both local and external users of different privilege levels. What three external modes of authentication are supported? 
(Choose three.)

  • A: LDAP authentication
  • B: RADIUS Authentication
  • C: TACAS
  • D: SSH host keys
  • E: Common Access Card Authentication
  • F: RSA Single use tokens



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