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Exam Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks
Number 300-365
File Name Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks.actualtests.300-365.2018-09-01.1e.63q.vcex
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Posted September 01, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A network engineer is experiencing issues enabling LAG on the WLC. Which four characteristics should be validated to ensure LAG configuration? (Choose four.)

  • A: Аll ports participate in the LAG by default when LAG is enabled on the controller. y
  • B: Dynamic interfaces and management are moved to port 1
  • C: Primary and secondary ports are needed for each interface.
  • D: Multiple untagged interfaces to the same port are not allowed.
  • E: EtherChannel must be configured for mode “on” on the switch.
  • F: Only one functional physical port is needed to continue to pass traffic.
  • G: Multiple LAGs are permitted on the controller.
  • H: The WLC does not need to be rebooted to enable the LAG configuration.

Question 2
A customer requires wireless traffic from the branch to be routed through the firewall at corporate headquarters. There is a RADIUS server in each branch location. 
Which FlexConnect state should be used in this scenario?

  • A: local authentication and local switching
  • B: local authentication and central switching
  • C: central authentication and central switching
  • D: central authentication and local switching

Question 3
After a wireless deployment, users report that wireless voice clients are experiencing an unacceptable amount of delay while roaming during a call on the Cisco Unified 7925 Series phones. The customer environment consists of multiple controllers, all running code, operating in a centralized deployment. 
What configuration issue is most likely contributing to the problem?

  • A: The authentication should be set to WPA2-PSK to allow for 802.11n speeds for the Cisco Unified 7925 phones.
  • B: The access points on that floor are all on one controller and should be load balanced evenly across multiple controllers.
  • C: The access points for that floor are salt and peppered across multiple controllers and should be moved to the primary controller.
  • D: The wireless phones are operating in the 2.4 GHz band and should be configured for the 5 GHz band.

Question 4
A network engineer is debugging issues with the mDNS gateway. Which type of reply should be seen in the Wireshark capture when querying for a mDNS service in the Bonjour Cache?

  • A: unicast from Prime Infrastructure
  • B: unicast from controller
  • C: multicast from devices
  • D: multicast from controller
  • E: unicast from devices
  • F: multicast from Prime Infrastructure

Question 5
A network engineer must configure a 5 GHz network to allow for the greatest density of radios possible with the least amount of co-channel interference. 
Which configuration best fulfills this requirement?

  • A: Set 802.11h Local Power constraint to 25 dBm.
  • B: Set DCA to 20 MHz channels and enable Extended UNII-2 channels.
  • C: Enable Event Driven RRM in 5 GHz with a sensitivity of High. n
  • D: Configure TPC Power Threshold to -80 dBm and set interference Optimal Mode (TPCv2).

Question 6
What is the default NMSP echo interval between a Mobility Services Engine and Wireless LAN Controller?

  • A: 30 Seconds
  • B: 15 Seconds
  • C: 10 Seconds
  • D: 60 Seconds

Question 7
A network engineer has installed 802.11ac access points with 80 MHz enabled; however, in the conference rooms, co-channel interference is being noticed. 
Under which tab in the RF profiles configuration can the engineer find the settings to tune the channel width for a group of APs?

  • A: 802.11
  • B: RRM
  • C: High Density
  • D: General

Question 8
A customer has limited staff to manage a wireless network. The customer wants a solution that requires minimum hardware. Which type of architecture do you propose?

  • A: centralized
  • B: distributed
  • C: cloud-based
  • D: unified

Question 9
Controllers WLC_1 and WLC_2 are in the same mobility group. A wireless client that does not have the same VLAN interface roams from WLC_1 to WLC_2. 
What happens to the client roaming?

  • A: The client context is deleted in controller WLC_1, and a new client context is created in WLC_2 to become the anchor controller.
  • B: The client context is moved from controller WLC_1 to controller WLC_2. The result is that the WLC_1 client context is deleted and WLC_2 becomes the anchor controller.
  • C: The client context is copied from controller WLC_1 to controller WLC_2. The result is that WLC_1 becomes the foreign controller and WLC_2 becomes the anchor controller.
  • D: The client context is copied from controller WLC_1 to controller WLC_2. The result is that WLC_1 becomes the anchor controller and WLC_2 becomes the foreign controller.

Question 10
An engineer wants to configure Call Admission Control and ensure that AC is based on the capacity of the AP and considering the possible impact of other APs in the area. 
Which two configuration options are required? (Choose two.)

  • A: Static CAC
  • B: Admission Control
  • C: Load-Based AC
  • D: Add Traffic Stream
  • E: Reserved Roaming Bandwidth
  • F: Expedited Bandwidth



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