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Exam Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR)
Number 350-401
File Name Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR).CertDumps.350-401.2022-03-21.1e.522q.vcex
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Posted March 21, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which protocol is used to encrypt control plane traffic between SD-WAN controllers and SD-WAN endpoints?

  • A: DTLS
  • B: IPsec
  • C: PGP
  • D: HTTPS

Question 2
Which network devices secure API platform?

  • A: next-generation intrusion detection systems
  • B: Layer 3 transit network devices
  • C: content switches
  • D: web application firewalls

Question 3
An engineer must configure the strongest password authentication to locally authenticate on a router. Which configuration must be used?

  • A: username netadmin secret 5 $1$bfjk$kdiSiDKKdkXksufZ2
  • B: username netadmin secret $1$bfjk$kdiSiDKKdkXksufZ2
  • C: line console 0 
    password $1$bfjk$k
  • D: username netadmin secret 9 $9$vFpMf83kdDJ9kdjDdjdu/dkfhZiz

Question 4
A network engineer must configure NETCONF. After creating the configuration, the engineer gets output from the command show line, but not from show running-config. Which command completes the configuration?

  • A: Device(config)# no netconf ssh acl 1
  • B: Device(config)# netconf max-sessions 100
  • C: Device(config)# netconf lock-time 500
  • D: Device(config)# netconf max-message 1000

Question 5
An engineer is configuring a new SSID to present users with a splash page for authentication.  
Which WLAN Layer 3 setting must be configured to provide this functionally?

  • A: CCKM
  • B: WPA2 Policy
  • C: Local Policy
  • D: Web Policy

Question 6
An engineer is working with the Cisco DNA Center API. Drag and drop the methods from the left onto the actions that they are used for on the right.   

Question 7
An engineer must create an EEM script to enable OSPF debugging in the event the OSPF neighborship goes down. Which script must the engineer apply?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 8
A network engineer is adding an additional 10Gbps link to an exiting 2x10Gbps LACP-based LAG to augment its capacity. Network standards require a bundle interface to be taken out of service if one of its member links goes down, and the new link must be added with minimal impact to the production network. Drag and drop the tasks that the engineer must perform from the left into the sequence on the right. Not all options are used.  

Question 9
An engineer is implementing a route map to support redistribution within BGP. The route map must configured to permit all unmatched routes. Which action must the engineer perform to complete this task?

  • A: Include a permit statement as the first entry
  • B: Include at least one explicit deny statement
  • C: Remove the implicit deny entry
  • D: Include a permit statement as the last entry

Question 10
Drag and drop the snippets onto the blanks within the code to construct a script that configures BGP according to the topology. Not all options are used, and some options may be used twice. 



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