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Exam CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam v5.1
Number 400-101
File Name Cisco.Pass4sure.400-101.v1-0.2017-09-27.1e.230q.vcex
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Posted September 27, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Select the metrics from the left, and place them in the correct order that BGP will use them to determine the best path to a destination. Not all metrics will be used. 

Question 2
Which of the following messages are sent using multicast addresses and (Select the best answer.)

  • A: BSR messages
  • B: Auto-RP messages
  • C: PIMv2 messages
  • D: PIMv1 messages

Question 3
RouterA receives routes to the following overlapping networks: 
Each of the routes is received from a different routing protocol. 
Which of the following routes will RouterA install in the routing table? (Select the best answer.) 

  • A: the route with the longest prefix match
  • B: the route with the shortest prefix match
  • C: the route with the highest AD
  • D: the route with the lowest AD
  • E: all of the routes

Question 4
Which of the following commands can you issue to limit EIGRP queries? (Select 2 choices.) 
eigrp stub

  • A: router eigrp as-number
  • B: ip summary-address eigrp as-number address mask
  • C: ip hello-interval eigrp as-number seconds
  • D: ip hold-time eigrp as-number seconds

Question 5
You administer the networks shown above. RouterA is connected to network A, RouterB is connected to network B, and so on. RouterB and RouterD are iBGP peers of RouterC; RouterE and RouterF are eBGP peers of RouterC. RouterA and RouterC are OSPF neighbors. RouterC, which is not configured as a route reflector, receives routes from all of the other routers on the network. You have issued the network command on each router to advertise their respective networks. You have also issued the redistribute command on RouterC to redistribute the OSPF routes from RouterA into BGP. RouterC will advertise to RouterD routes to which of the following networks? (Select the best answer.)

  • A: only networks B and C
  • B: only networks A and C
  • C: only networks A, B, and C
  • D: only networks C, E, and F
  • E: only networks A, C, E, and F
  • F: networks A, B, C, D, E, and F

Question 6
A switch will select the root port based on attributes that it receives in BPDUs. Drag the attributes on the left to the correct order in which they are considered by the STP root port selection process. Fill all boxes. 

Question 7
Which of the following terms refers to a congestion avoidance mechanism? (Select the best answer.) 

  • A: tail drop
  • B: global synchronization
  • C: queuing
  • D: TCP starvation

Question 8
Which of the following terms best describe the origin, ASpath, and next hop BGP attributes? (Select 2 choices.)

  • A: optional
  • B: mandatory
  • C: discretionary 
  • D: transitive
  • E: nontransitive
  • F: well-known

Question 9
Which of the following statements are true regarding RADIUS? (Select 2 choices.)

  • A: RADIUS is an IETF standard protocol.
  • B: RADIUS uses TCP port 49.
  • C: RADIUS encrypts the entire packet during transmission.
  • D: RADIUS combines authentication and authorization into a single function.
  • E: RADIUS provides more flexible security options than TACACS+. 

Question 10
You issue the following commands on the routers on your network:
RouterMain(config)#username Router1 password Boson 
RouterMain(config)#username Router2 password Boson  
RouterMain(config)#username Router3 password Boson 
RouterMain(config)#interface s0/1 
RouterMain(configif)#encapsulation ppp 
RouterMain(configif)#ppp authentication chap 
RouterMain(config)#interface s0/2 
RouterMain(configif)#encapsulation ppp 
RouterMain(configif)#ppp authentication chap 
RouterMain(config)#interface s0/3 
RouterMain(configif)#encapsulation ppp 
RouterMain(configif)#ppp authentication chap 
Router1(config)#username routermain password boson 
Router1(config)#interface s0/1 
Router1(configif)#encapsulation ppp 
Router1(configif)#ppp authentication chap 
Router2(config)#username RouterMain password Boson 
Router2(config)#interface s0/1 
Router2(configif)#encapsulation ppp 
Router2(configif)#ppp authentication chap 
Router3(config)#username RouterMain password boson 
Router3(config)#interface s0/1 
Router3(configif)#encapsulation ppp 
Router3(configif)#ppp authentication chap 
Which of the following routers will be able to connect successfully to RouterMain? (Select the best answer.)

  • A: Router1
  • B: Router2
  • C: Router3
  • D: Router1 and Router2
  • E: Router2 and Router3
  • F: Router1 and Router3
  • G: Router1, Router2, and Router3



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