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Exam CCIE Data Center Written Exam
Number 400-151
File Name CCIE Data Center Written Exam.prep4sure.400-151.2019-02-28.1e.177q.vcex
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Posted February 28, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two security features are supported by NX-API (Choose two.)

  • A: NX-API support certificate-based authentication.
  • B: Users must have appropriate accounts to access the device through NX-API.
  • C: All communication to the device is encrypted when you use HTTPS.
  • D: All communication to the device is encrypted when you use VPN.

Question 2
Which three guidelines and limitations of policy-based routing are true? (Choose three.)

  • A: A match command can refer to more than one ACL in a route map for policy-based routing.
  • B: Setting a tunnel interface or an IP address via a tunnel interface as a next hop in a police-based routing policy is not supported.
  • C: The same route map can be shared among different interfaces for policy-based routing as long as interfaces belong to the same VRF instance.
  • D: An ACL used in a policy-based routing route map cannot include a deny statement.
  • E: A policy-based routing route map can have multiple match or set statements per route-map statement.
  • F: Policy-based routing and WCCPv2 are not supported on the same interface if bank chaining is disabled.

Question 3
Which three options are common PTP device types? (Choose three.)

  • A: network clock
  • B: sundials
  • C: boundary clock
  • D: transparent clock
  • E: ordinary clock
  • F: crystal clock

Question 4
Which two options are functions of the 6LoWPAN header? (Choose two.)

  • A: packet fragmentation and reassembly
  • B: limit the lifespan of a packet (TTL)
  • C: IPv6 header compression
  • D: cyclic redundancy check
  • E: Layer 2 encryption

Question 5
Which three options are benefits of the vPC peer switch feature? (Choose three.)

  • A: After the peer link comes up, it performs an ARP bulk sync over CFSoE to the peer switch
  • B: It improves convergence forLayer 3 flows.
  • C: It allows a pair of vPC peer devices to appear as a single STP root in the Layer 2.
  • D: It simplifies STP configuration by configuring both vPC with the same STP priority.
  • E: It eliminates the recommendation to pin the STP root to the vPCprimary switch.

Question 6
Which two guidelines apply to private VLAN configuration when you are running FabricPath (Choose two.)

  • A: On the F-Series modules, user-configured static MAC addresses are programmed on all forwarding engines that have ports in that VLAN.
  • B: The system does support hierarchical static MAC addresses.
  • C: FabricPath ports can be put into a private VLAN.
  • D: All VLANs in a private VLAN must be in the same VLAN mode; either CE or FabricPath.

Question 7
Which three main functions are provided by OTV to achieve failure isolation? (Choose three.)

  • A: optimal outbound routing
  • B: unknown Unicast traffic suppression
  • C: ARP optimization
  • D: use of multiple OTV overlays
  • E: Spanning Tree isolation
  • F: unicast policy control

Question 8

Refer to the exhibit. If you inspect a VXLAN packet at point 2, which two options about the outer fields in the VXLAN header are two? (Choose two.)

  • A: Outer S-IP = IP-1 ; Outer D-IP = IP-2.
  • B: Outer S-IP = IP-A : Outer D-IP = IP-B.
  • C: Outer S-MAC = MAC-1 ; Outer D-MAC= MAC-4.
  • D: Outer S-MAC = NAC-A ; Outer D-MAC = MAC-B.
  • E: Outer S-IP = IP-1 ; Outer D-IP = IP-4.
  • F: Outer S-MAC = MAC-1 ; Outer D-MAC = MAC-2

Question 9
Which two guidelines and limitations of NetFlow on Cisco NX OS are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: The Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender does not support bridged NetFlow.
  • B: If you change a Layer 2 interface to a Layer 3 interface, the software converts the Layer 2 NetFlow to Layer 3 NetFlow automatically.
  • C: You must configure a sourceinterface. If you do not configure a source interface, the exported remains in a disables state.
  • D: Valid record name is optional to configure.
  • E: Only Layer 2 NetFlow is applied on Layer 2 interfaces, and only Layer 3 NetFlow is applied on Layer 3 interfaces.

Question 10
Which three statements are true about redistribution of routes from L3Outs in an ACI fabric? (Choose three.)

  • A: ACI fabric runs MP-BGP.
  • B: Route control subnets control the exchange of routing information (prefixes) into and out of the fabric (control plane).
  • C: Routes are nor redistributed to leaf switches where the same VRF is present.
  • D: Routes learned from L3Outs on border leaf switches are not redistributed into MP-BGP at the ingress leaf.
  • E: Security import subnets control the forwarding of packets into and out of L3Out connections (data plane).
  • F: The routes are advertised to all external Layer 3 Outside connections.



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