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Exam Cisco Service Provider Routing Field Engineer
Number 500-230
File Name Cisco.CertDumps.500-230.2018-07-06.1e.15q.vcex
Size 10 Kb
Posted July 06, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which command is used to redistribute BGP into EIGRP for a Layer 3 VPN customer?

  • A: router(config-eigrp-af)# redistribute bgp 65001
  • B: router(config-eigrp-vrf-af)# redistribute bgp 65001
  • C: router(config-eigrp-vrf)# redistribute bgp 65001
  • D: router(config-eigrp)# redistribute bgp 65001

Question 2
What command is used to manually generate a core dump to aid in troubleshooting a process?

  • A: context
  • B: dumpcore
  • C: exception
  • D: follow

Question 3
How many times are Layer 3 lookups performed on a packet transiting a CRS of ASR9k router?

  • A: Three times: in the ingress linecard, the fabric, and the egress linecard
  • B: Once: in the active RP/RSP
  • C: Once: in the ingress linecard
  • D: Twice: in the ingress linecard and again in the ingress linecard

Question 4
Which method or protocol exchanges label information?

  • A: MP-BGP
  • B: MOSPF
  • C: LSR
  • D: OSPEv3

Question 5
Which is required on the CE router in an L3VPN solution?

  • A: Configure the PE-CE Routing protocol
  • B: Define the VPN by creating a VRF
  • C: Assign the PE facing interface to a VRF
  • D: Configure MPLS forwarding on the interface to the PE router

Question 6
Which command is an example of how to configure system logging to a Syslog server?

  • A: logging
  • B: syslog server1
  • C: logging syslog server
  • D: enable syslog server1

Question 7
Which protocol is a PE to CE routing protocol?

  • A: ODR
  • B: LDP
  • C: RIPv1
  • D: eBGP

Question 8
How are labels exchanged between the AS’es in an Option B Layer-3 VPN solution?

  • A: Via an eBGP multihop connection between the Ingress PE’s in each AS.
  • B: Via an eBGP multihop connection between a Route-Reflector in each AS.
  • C: There are no labels exchanged between the two AS’es.
  • D: Via an eBGP multihop connection between the directly connected ASBR’s, one in each AS.

Question 9
What is currently required for eBGP sessions in IOS-XR that was not required in IOS?

  • A: Default MED values
  • B: Local-Preference values
  • C: Send Communities
  • D: Route-Filter In and Out

Question 10
Which command is run to make changes permanent and survive a reload after executing the command "copy disk0:config-file.txt running-config"?

  • A: Commit Confirm
  • B: Commit Copy
  • C: Command not require, changes are committed automatically
  • D: Commit



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