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Exam Cisco ASA Express Security (SAEXS)
Number 500-260
File Name Cisco ASA Express Security.examskey.500-260.2019-01-03.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted January 03, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which security technique should be implemented to remediate after a threat is discovered?

  • A: NGIPS ruleset
  • B: retrospection
  • C: web security deployment
  • D: application control

Question 2
Refer to the exhibit. 


Which statement describes the effect of the configuration?

  • A: The SFR is configured to passively inspect traffic on all adaptive security appliance interfaces.
  • B: If the SFR fails, redirected traffic that matches the service policy from the outside will be dropped.
  • C: If the SFR fails, all traffic from the outside will be dropped.
  • D: The SFR is configured as an inline inspector of traffic on all adaptive security appliance interfaces.

Question 3
Which option is correct for configuring the SRF for passive, out-of-band traffic evaluation?

  • A: sfr fail-close oob
  • B: sfr monitor-only
  • C: sfr fail-open monitor-only
  • D: sfr passive-mode

Question 4
An SFR module has been installed in the adaptive security appliance. Which command must be executed on the module to establish connectivity to FireSIGHT Management Center?

  • A: system install manager
  • B: config manager fmc host
  • C: config manager add
  • D: system manager fmc

Question 5
Which three policy types are configured using Fire SIGHT Management Center? (Choose three.)

  • A: remote access
  • B: file
  • C: health
  • D: network discovery
  • E: malware
  • F: access list
  • G: firewall

Question 6
Which application is required to enable Microsoft Active Directory identity integration for FirePOWER services?

  • A: Sourcefire User Agent
  • B: Microsoft Active Directory Manager
  • C: Cisco Directory Agent
  • D: Microsoft Active Directory Agent

Question 7
Which port should be allowed to support communications between Sourcefire User Agent and FireSIGHT Management Center?

  • A: TCP/3306
  • B: TCP/3389
  • C: UDP/3389
  • D: TCP/443

Question 8
Which access policy action should be applied if traffic is to pass without applying any additional inspection?

  • A: trust
  • B: allow
  • C: permit
  • D: monitor

Question 9
An access policy that uses URL reputation values is defined. Which option best describes what happens if a reputation is not available for a URL?

  • A: The URL check is not triggered, and the default policy action is applied.
  • B: The URL check fails, and the traffic is dropped.
  • C: The URL check is unknown, and the traffic is quarantined.
  • D: The URL check is not triggered and, by default, the user is prompted to take an action to permit or deny.

Question 10
Detection of an exploit kit that is installed on a device is an example of which IoC event category?

  • A: security intelligence
  • B: IPS
  • C: malware
  • D: firewall



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