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Exam Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials
Number 500-451
File Name Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials.testkings.500-451.2019-09-01.1e.36q.vcex
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Posted September 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
If customers want to automate and simplify the deployment of one or more new Cisco Catalyst switches, which feature should they use?

  • A: Cisco Smart Install
  • B: Cisco Smart Deploy
  • C: Cisco Auto Deploy
  • D: Cisco Auto Config

Question 2
When Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches are implemented in a stack configuration, which command is used to verify the role of each switch in the stack, and what are the two roles supported?

  • A: show switch stack role; active/standby
  • B: show switch detail; active/standby
  • C: show switch member; master/member
  • D: show stack detail; master/member

Question 3
Which platform supports SSO?

  • A: Nexus 1000V Series Switches
  • B: Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
  • C: Catalyst 3850 Series Switches
  • D: Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches

Question 4
What is the best way to design a network to ensure that Cisco NSF operates according to specifications?

  • A: Ensure that all attached neighbors are Cisco NSF-aware.
  • B: Ensure that the local switch is the NSF master.
  • C: Ensure that VSS NSF is enabled.
  • D: Ensure that IOS ISSU is enabled.

Question 5
Which three components are part of a Unified Access solution? (Choose three.)

  • A: One Policy (Cisco ISE)
  • B: One Management (Cisco Prime)
  • C: One Network (wired, wireless, VPN access)
  • D: One Controller (Converged)
  • E: One Solution
  • F: One Security

Question 6
Which option can be a source of PI Assurance data?

  • A: MPA on Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
  • B: Catalyst 3850 Series Switch interface status
  • C: NetFlow on Catalyst 4500 Series Switch
  • D: ISE client join statistics
  • E: WLC SNMP traps

Question 7
Which option is an advantage of using Cisco Prime Infrastructure as a network management solution?

  • A: single GUI interface to all Cisco network devices
  • B: Prime Infrastructure can also perform data center and virtualization infrastructure management.
  • C: Hybrid and cloud-based options allow for easy scaling to accommodate growth.
  • D: can be licensed for wired-only or wireless-only versions

Question 8
How can you customize the Home view of Prime Infrastructure?

  • A: Open the Administration menu, select the Dashlets option, select new Dashlet, click Add to Home View.
  • B: Open the Operate menu, select the Home View option, Choose Edit Home View, select new Dashlet from the list.
  • C: Add Dashlets and edit existing Dashlets.
  • D: Home view cannot be customized in Prime Infrastructure 2.0.

Question 9
Which installation option is available as of Prime Infrastructure 2.0?

  • A: distributed
  • B: web-based installation
  • C: physical appliance
  • D: Windows installer

Question 10
When configuring the RADIUS server between ISE and the network access device, there are many different types of NADs. Which option is the NAD?

  • A: Cat2960 Access Switches
  • B: CAP-3600 Access Point in Local mode
  • C: CT 5508 Wireless LAN Controller
  • D: Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • E: AnyConnect wireless client



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