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Exam Cisco Networking - On-Premise and Cloud Solutions
Number 500-551
File Name Cisco Networking -On-Premise and Cloud Solutions.test-king.500-551.2019-05-21.1e.38q.vcex
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Posted May 21, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two feature licenses (subscriptions) are available for the MX security appliances? (Choose two.)

  • A: Advanced Security
  • B: Essential
  • C: Defended
  • D: Comprehensive
  • E: Enterprise

Question 2
Which product is a Cisco cloud-managed product?

  • A: Cisco Prime infrastructure
  • B: Cisco Aironet wireless access point
  • C: Cisco Meraki MS series switch
  • D: Cisco ISR series router

Question 3
Which description of a self-healing network is true?

  • A: is continuously on and available
  • B: demonstrates the ability to drive change through insight into network activity
  • C: protects the assets and users within the organization
  • D: adapts to changing needs beyond the limits of basic standards

Question 4
Which option is the scalable management and bulk configuration tool used to manage Cisco Meraki MS switch ports?

  • A: virtual stacking
  • B: bulk templates
  • C: aggregation configuration
  • D: topology management

Question 5
Which Cisco SMB wireless access point is recommended for customers with 50 to 250 users?

  • A: WAP300 Series
  • B: WAP500 Series
  • C: WAP200 Series
  • D: WAP100 Series

Question 6
Which Cisco Series routers support the use of the GUI Cisco Configuration Professional tool?

  • A: Cisco RV Series
  • B: Cisco Meraki Series
  • C: Cisco 800 ISR Series
  • D: Cisco 4000 ISR Series

Question 7
Which two remote live troubleshooting tools are available directly within the Cisco Meraki dashboard? (Choose two.)

  • A: flexible NetFlow
  • B: virtual breakout boxes
  • C: Internetwork Performance Monitor
  • D: packet capture
  • E: cable test tool

Question 8
Which two benefits of leveraging Systems Manager Sentry in a Cisco Meraki full stack are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: provides logging and generates consolidated reports of potential security vulnerabilities
  • B: entitles the organization to direct access to the SM group within Cisco Meraki Support
  • C: helps facilitate the rapid enrollment and onboarding of mobile devices
  • D: provides Layer 7 application filtering for client network traffic
  • E: efficient management of client VPN settings and Wi-Fi security configurations

Question 9
Which statement about Cisco umbrella branch operation is true?

  • A: All DNS requests are redirected at the ISR.
  • B: Signature files of suspicious domains are periodically downloaded to the ISR.
  • C: It must be installed and configured on each endpoint.
  • D: All policy management and reporting is done from the umbrella server.

Question 10
Which two functions are performed by the dedicated third radio in MR access points? (Choose two.)

  • A: WLAN controller
  • B: DHCP addressing
  • C: RF optimization (auto RF)
  • D: Site survey planning
  • E: wireless IPS (air marshal)



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