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Exam Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series Immersive Solutions
Number 700-070
File Name Cisco.PracticeDumps.700-070.2018-01-12.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted January 12, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What causes echo or reverberation in the room during a call?

  • A: too many acoustic panels
  • B: too many hard surfaces
  • C: too many people
  • D: too many devices

Question 2
What is the purpose of the IX5000?

  • A: immersive collaboration
  • B: mobile-device use
  • C: desktop use
  • D: home use

Question 3
Which two peripheral devices are available for the IX5000? (Choose two.)

  • A: additional Touch 12 screens
  • B: additional Touch 10 screens
  • C: additional Touch 8 screens
  • D: document scanner
  • E: auxiliary monitors

Question 4
Which two standards does the IX5000 codec support? (Choose two.)

  • A: H.324
  • B: H.320
  • C: H.265
  • D: G.729AB
  • E: G.728

Question 5
Which infrastructure component is needed for OBTP?

  • A: Prime Collaboration
  • B: Cisco VCS
  • C: Cisco TMS
  • D: Cisco TelePresence System

Question 6
Which action should you take before upgrading a telepresence system?

  • A: Restore the current configurations.
  • B: Back up the current configurations.
  • C: Restore the factory settings.
  • D: Contact TAC for upgrade instructions.

Question 7
Which two options are available through the participant icon? (Choose two.)

  • A: List all missed calls.
  • B: Drop a caller from the call.
  • C: List all participants who were dropped from the call.
  • D: List all participants on the call.
  • E: Add a caller to the call.

Question 8
How can you change presentation display options during a call?

  • A: Open the share tray and drag the presentation to the desired location.
  • B: Open the share tray and assign display numbers to each presentation.
  • C: Open the system settings and reconfigure the display options.
  • D: Open the participant list and drag the presentation to the desired location.

Question 9
What is the required ratio for the whiteboard setup?

  • A: 16:9
  • B: 4:3
  • C: 21:9
  • D: 5:7

Question 10
Which two actions are part of the Display Connection step during endpoint configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A: Determine the screen resolution.
  • B: Register the endpoint to Unified Communications Manager.
  • C: Perform an internal display cabling check.
  • D: Determine the system layout display on Touch 10.
  • E: Register the endpoint to the Cisco VCS.



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