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Exam Cisco Advanced Security Architecture for Account Managers
Number 700-265
File Name Cisco Advanced Security Architecture for Account Managers.PracticeTest.700-265.2019-03-01.1e.29q.vcex
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Posted March 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three options are attack vectors of the threat-centric defense? (Choose three.)

  • A: Linux OS
  • B: email
  • C: web
  • D: cloud apps
  • E: DNS security
  • F: voicemail

Question 2
Which component of NGFW and NGIPS provides a unified image that includes the Cisco ASA features and FirePOWER Services?

  • A: Firepower Threat Defense
  • B: Meraki MX
  • C: Next Generation IPS
  • D: Cloudlock
  • E: Advanced Malware Protection

Question 3
Which three options does Cisco provide to customers for visibility and control against current security threats? (Choose three.)

  • A: 19-month device release cycle
  • B: unparalleled network and endpoint visibility
  • C: fast device policy updates
  • D: unmatched security enforcement
  • E: comprehensive policy enforcement
  • F: granular device visibility and management

Question 4
Which Cisco business values are demonstrated by end-to-end protection and protection across the attack continuum? (Choose two.)

  • A: protection
  • B: control
  • C: cost effectiveness
  • D: completeness
  • E: flexibility

Question 5
On average, how much do network attacks cost?

  • A: $300K
  • B: $50K
  • C: $500K
  • D: $800K

Question 6
Which phase of the software lifecycle deals with anticipating customer needs and bundling and adding products accordingly?

  • A: plan and supply
  • B: upsell and cross sell
  • C: renew
  • D: land and expand
  • E: know and grow

Question 7
Which component of Stealthwatch uses sophisticated security analytics to accelerate threat response time?

  • A: threat protection
  • B: investigation
  • C: granular visibility
  • D: network control
  • E: anomaly detection

Question 8
Which three options are solutions and features of the data center threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)

  • A: constant threat protection at all levels
  • B: file reputation
  • C: enabled scalability and capability across the business
  • D: enhanced visibility of data, user, and device behavior
  • E: file trajectory
  • F: global threat intelligence

Question 9
Which Cisco business values are demonstrated by scalable solutions and network adaptability?

  • A: flexibility
  • B: cost effectiveness
  • C: protection
  • D: completeness
  • E: control

Question 10
Which two aspects of Cisco solutions save customers money? (Choose two.)

  • A: fewer resources to manage
  • B: faster integration
  • C: replacing current infrastructure completely
  • D: lowest cost solutions
  • E: incentives programs
  • F: 100% effectiveness



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