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Exam CompTIA Network+ 2018
Number N10-007
File Name CompTIA Network+ 2018.CertDumps.N10-007.2019-08-19.3e.356q.vcex
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Posted August 19, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A technician has been called about intermittent connectivity near IDF 2. Multiple cables were recently pulled through a common conduit. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?

  • A: Crosstalk
  • B: Bad connectors
  • C: Wrong DNS
  • D: Duplicate IP address

Question 2
A company hires another firm to test the integrity of its information security controls. This is an example of what?

  • A: role separation.
  • B: device hardening
  • C: risk assessment
  • D: penetration testing.

Question 3
Management has requested that a wireless solution be installed at a new office. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the network technician should do?

  • A: Order equipment
  • B: Create network diagrams
  • C: Perform a site survey
  • D: Create an SSID

Question 4
A technician is performing a maintenance task on a weekly basis and wants to ensure the task is properly documented and able to be performed by other technicians. Which of the following types of documentation should the technician complete?

  • A: Standard operating procedure
  • B: Work order
  • C: Performance baseline
  • D: Logical diagram
  • E: Change management

Question 5
Greater bandwidth and availability are required between two switches. Each switch has multiple 100Mb Ethernet ports available. Which of the following should a technician implement to help achieve these requirements?

  • A: Spanning tree
  • B: Clustering
  • C: Power management
  • D: Port aggregation

Question 6
A network technician has configured a new firewall to allow TCP port 80 traffic and deny UDP traffic. Users have reported that they are unable to access Internet websites. The technician verifies by attempting to access a popular website. Which of the following will MOST likely correct the error??

  • A: HTTP uses UDP
  • B: DNS port 23 needs to be allowed
  • C: HTTP needs port 443 allowed
  • D: UDP port 53 needs to be allowed

Question 7
Which of the following STP states indicates an inactivated port due to a loop?

  • A: Disabled
  • B: Learning
  • C: Blocking
  • D: Forwarding

Question 8
Which of the following is based ENTIRELY on using ICMP packets?

  • A: Social engineering
  • B: NMAP
  • C: Buffer overflow attack
  • D: Smurf attack

Question 9
A network technician is doing a wireless audit and finds an SSID that does not match the company's SSID. The company uses the SSID of ABC123, and the SSID the technician found is Default. Which of the following threats did the network technician find?

  • A: AP isolation
  • B: DDoS
  • C: Evil twin
  • D: Rogue AP

Question 10
A technician installs a wireless router on an existing network by connecting it directly to the firewall.
By default, the main network is a Class A network, while the wireless network is a Class C network.
After the wireless router is installed, users connected to the wireless network report they are unable to connect to the Internet. Which of the following needs to be configured to BEST resolve this issue?

  • A: Configure the main network to Class C.
  • B: Allow for duplicate IP addresses.
  • C: Allow the main network to handle DHCP.
  • D: Create a spanning tree to prevent switching loops.



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