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Exam CompTIA Security+
Number SY0-501
File Name CompTIA Security+.dump4pass.SY0-501.2021-07-01.1e.259q.vcex
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Posted July 01, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A systems administrator is increasing the security settings on a virtual host to ensure users on one VM cannot access information from another VM. 
Which of the following is the administrator protecting against?

  • A: VM sprawl
  • B: VM escape
  • C: VM migration
  • D: VM sandboxing

Question 2
Which of the following are considered to be “something you do”? (Choose two.)

  • A: Iris scan
  • B: Handwriting
  • C: CAC card
  • D: Gait
  • E: PIN
  • F: Fingerprint

Question 3
An organization is looking to build its second head office another city, which has a history flooding with an average of two flooding every 100 years. The estimated building cost is $1 million, an the estimated damage due to flooding is half of the building's cost. 
Given this information, which of the following is the SLE?

  • A: $50,000
  • B: $250,000
  • C: $500,000
  • D: $1,000,000 

Question 4
A security administrator is investigating a report that a user is receiving suspicious emails. The user’s machine has an old functioning modem installed. Which of the following security concerns need to be identified and  mitigated? (Choose two.)

  • A: Vishing 
  • B: Whaling
  • C: Spear phishing
  • D: Pharming
  • E: War dialing
  • F: Hoaxing

Question 5
Given the information below: 
MD5HASH document.doc 049eab40fd36caadlfab10b3cdf4a883  
MD5HASH image.jpg 049eab40fd36caadlfab10b3cdf4a883  
Which of the following concepts are described above? (Choose two.)

  • A: Salting
  • B: Collision
  • C: Steganography
  • D: Hashing
  • E: Key stretching

Question 6
A company is experiencing an increasing number of systems that are locking up on Windows startup. The security analyst clones a machine, enters into safe mode, and discovers a file in the startup process that runs  Wstart.bat.  
@echo off  
start notepad.exe  
start notepad.exe  
start calculator.exe  
start calculator.exe  
goto asdhbawdhbasdhbawdhb  
Given the file contents and the system’s issues, which of the following types of malware is present?

  • A: Rootkit
  • B: Logic bomb
  • C: Worm
  • D: Virus

Question 7
A highly complex password policy has made it nearly impossible to crack account passwords. Which of the following might a hacker still be able to perform?

  • A: Pass-the-hash attack
  • B: ARP poisoning attack
  • C: Birthday attack
  • D: Brute force attack

Question 8
A security analyst is checking log files and finds the following entries: 
Which of the following is MOST likely happening?

  • A: A hacker attempted to pivot using the web server interface.
  • B: A potential hacker could be banner grabbing to determine what architecture is being used. 
  • C: The DNS is mis-configured for the server’s IP address.
  • D: A server is experiencing a DoS, and the request is timing out.

Question 9
A first responder needs to collect digital evidence from a compromised headless virtual host. Which of the  following should the first responder collect FIRST?

  • A: Virtual memory
  • B: BIOS configuration 
  • C: Snapshot
  • D: RAM

Question 10
A security analyst is performing a manual audit of captured data from a packet analyzer The analyst looks for Base64 encoded strings and applies the filter http authbasic 
Which of the following BEST describes what the  analyst is looking for?

  • A: Unauthorized software
  • B: Unencrypted credentials
  • C: SSL certificate issues
  • D: Authentication tokens



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