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Exam Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Number CISSP
File Name Certified Information Systems Security Professional.ActualTests.CISSP.2021-05-13.1e.386q.vcex
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Posted May 13, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
All of the following items should be included in a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) questionnaire EXCEPT questions that

  • A: determine the risk of a business interruption occurring
  • B: determine the technological dependence of the business processes
  • C: Identify the operational impacts of a business interruption
  • D: Identify the financial impacts of a business interruption

Question 2
Which of the following actions will reduce risk to a laptop before traveling to a high risk area?

  • A: Examine the device for physical tampering
  • B: Implement more stringent baseline configurations
  • C: Purge or re-image the hard disk drive
  • D: Change access codes 

Question 3
Which of the following represents the GREATEST risk to data confidentiality?

  • A: Network redundancies are not implemented
  • B: Security awareness training is not completed
  • C: Backup tapes are generated unencrypted
  • D: Users have administrative privileges

Question 4
What is the MOST important consideration from a data security perspective when an organization plans to relocate?

  • A: Ensure the fire prevention and detection systems are sufficient to protect personnel
  • B: Review the architectural plans to determine how many emergency exits are present
  • C: Conduct a gap analysis of a new facilities against existing security requirements
  • D: Revise the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) plan

Question 5
A company whose Information Technology (IT) services are being delivered from a Tier 4 data center, is preparing a companywide Business Continuity Planning (BCP). 
Which of the following failures should the IT manager be concerned with?

  • A: Application
  • B: Storage
  • C: Power
  • D: Network

Question 6
When assessing an organization’s security policy according to standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 and 27002, 
when can management responsibilities be defined?

  • A: Only when assets are clearly defined
  • B: Only when standards are defined
  • C: Only when controls are put in place
  • D: Only procedures are defined 

Question 7
Which of the following types of technologies would be the MOST cost-effective method to provide a reactive control for protecting personnel in public areas?

  • A: Install mantraps at the building entrances
  • B: Enclose the personnel entry area with polycarbonate plastic
  • C: Supply a duress alarm for personnel exposed to the public
  • D: Hire a guard to protect the public area

Question 8
An important principle of defense in depth is that achieving information security requires a balanced focus on which PRIMARY elements?

  • A: Development, testing, and deployment
  • B: Prevention, detection, and remediation
  • C: People, technology, and operations
  • D: Certification, accreditation, and monitoring 

Question 9
Intellectual property rights are PRIMARY concerned with which of the following?

  • A: Owner’s ability to realize financial gain
  • B: Owner’s ability to maintain copyright
  • C: Right of the owner to enjoy their creation
  • D: Right of the owner to control delivery method

Question 10
A control to protect from a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attach has been determined to stop 50% of attacks, and additionally reduces the impact of an attack by 50%. 
What is the residual risk?

  • A: 25%
  • B: 50%
  • C: 75%
  • D: 100% 



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