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Exam Juniper Networks Certified Associate
Number JN0-103
File Name Juniper Networks Certified Associate.NetworkArmy.JN0-103.2021-05-26.1e.96q.vcex
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Posted May 26, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which command verifies configuration syntax without applying the changes?  

  • A: commit confirmed
  • B: commit check
  • C: commit comment
  • D: commit and-quit

Question 2
By default, which character indicates the UNIX shell prompt?

  • A: #
  • B: %
  • C: $
  • D: >

Question 3
You are considering an upgrade from 19.1R1 and want to ensure that only bug fixes are included.  
Which two software versions should you consider in this situation? (Choose two.)

  • A: 19.3R1-S1
  • B: 19.3R2
  • C: 19.1R3
  • D: 19.1R1-S2

Question 4
Which two statements are true about static routes in the Junos OS? (Choose two.)

  • A: Static routes remain in the routing table until you remove them or until they become inactive.
  • B: Static routes must have a next hop defined.
  • C: Static routes are learned by neighboring devices and added to their routing tables. 
  • D: Static routes are defined at the [edit routing-instances] hierarchy.

Question 5
When multiple users are editing the configuration on a Junos device, what is the default behavior when a user issues a commit command?

  • A: All valid configuration changes made by all users will take effect.
  • B: The user's configuration changes are committed; other users' configuration changes are still pending.
  • C: The user will receive an error message disallowing a commit of the configuration.
  • D: The user's configuration changes are committed; other users will be exited from configuration mode.

Question 6
Routing policies contain which two types of statements? (Choose two.)

  • A: then
  • B: from
  • C: default
  • D: and

Question 7
You are connected to your Junos device using an SSH connection to the fxp0 interface. No other interfaces are currently configured beyond their default settings. 
You commit a configuration that makes the fxp0 interface unreachable from your management network.  
In this scenario, how would you re-establish communication with the device?

  • A: Connect to the console of the device.
  • B: Establish an SSH connection to the loopback interface.
  • C: Power off and power on the device.
  • D: Unplug the network cable and plug it back in.

Question 8
Referring to the exhibit, which command will cause this event message? 


  • A: request system halt
  • B: request system logout
  • C: request system recover
  • D: request system commit

Question 9
What are two benefits realized by the disaggregated Junos OS? (Choose two.)

  • A: There is increased flexibility to use different control plane versions.
  • B: The Junos VM becomes hardware-independent and can be deployed on any hypervisor without modification.
  • C: The architecture facilitates programmability through provisioning the control plane, the data path, and the platform APIs.
  • D: The platform drivers and forwarding engine are removed from the control plane to increase performance.

Question 10
Which two features are implemented on the Packet Forwarding Engine? (Choose two.)

  • A: firewall filters
  • B: chassis management
  • C: class of service
  • D: routing protocol updates   



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