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Exam Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator
Number PCNSA
File Name Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator.NetworkArmy.PCNSA.2021-07-08.1e.113q.vcex
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Posted July 08, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Match the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform architecture to its description.  

Question 2
Which plane on a Palo Alto Networks Firewall provides configuration, logging, and reporting functions on a separate processor?

  • A: management
  • B: network processing
  • C: data
  • D: security processing

Question 3
A security administrator has configured App-ID updates to be automatically downloaded and installed. The company is currently using an application identified by App-ID as SuperApp_base. On a content update notice, Palo Alto Networks is adding new app signatures labeled SuperApp_chat and SuperApp_download, which will be deployed in 30 days.  
Based on the information, how is the SuperApp traffic affected after the 30 days have passed?

  • A: All traffic matching the SuperApp_chat, and SuperApp_download is denied because it no longer matches the SuperApp-base application
  • B: No impact because the apps were automatically downloaded and installed
  • C: No impact because the firewall automatically adds the rules to the App-ID interface
  • D: All traffic matching the SuperApp_base, SuperApp_chat, and SuperApp_download is denied until the security administrator approves the applications

Question 4
How many zones can an interface be assigned with a Palo Alto Networks firewall?

  • A: two
  • B: three
  • C: four
  • D: one

Question 5
Which two configuration settings shown are not the default? (Choose two.)


  • A: Enable Security Log
  • B: Server Log Monitor Frequency (sec)
  • C: Enable Session
  • D: Enable Probing

Question 6
Which dataplane layer of the graphic shown provides pattern protection for spyware and vulnerability exploits on a Palo Alto Networks Firewall? 


  • A: Signature Matching
  • B: Network Processing
  • C: Security Processing
  • D: Data Interfaces

Question 7
Which option shows the attributes that are selectable when setting up application filters?

  • A: Category, Subcategory, Technology, and Characteristic
  • B: Category, Subcategory, Technology, Risk, and Characteristic
  • C: Name, Category, Technology, Risk, and Characteristic
  • D: Category, Subcategory, Risk, Standard Ports, and Technology

Question 8
Actions can be set for which two items in a URL filtering security profile? (Choose two.)

  • A: Block List
  • B: Custom URL Categories
  • C: PAN-DB URL Categories
  • D: Allow List 

Question 9
Match the Cyber-Attack Lifecycle stage to its correct description.  

Question 10
Which two statements are correct about App-ID content updates? (Choose two.)

  • A: Updated application content might change how Security policy rules are enforced.
  • B: After an application content update, new applications must be manually classified prior to use.
  • C: Existing security policy rules are not affected by application content updates.
  • D: After an application content update, new applications are automatically identified and classified.



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