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Exam Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
Number CRT-261
File Name Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant.VCEPlus.CRT-261.2022-08-21.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted August 21, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
To help Service Agents more accurately respond to Cases, Universal Containers want a list of relevant Articles displayed on the Case record page.
How should a consultant configure this requirement?

  • A: Add the Knowledge related list to the Case record page.
  • B: Add the Knowledge tab to the Service Console.
  • C: Add Knowledge Data Categories to each Case.
  • D: Add the Knowledge Component to the Case record page.

Question 2
Universal Containers wants to unify channels and manage agent workload with Omni-Channel routing. What required step Should a consultant address before configuring Omni Channel?

  • A: Customize service channel settings to define how the organization receives work from various
  • B: Create a Salesforce Case to have Omni-Channel enabled.
  • C: Create the necessary objects in Salesforce.
  • D: From Setup, select Omni-Channel Settings and Select Enable Omni-Channel.

Question 3
Metrics show that Universal Containers has a high call abandonment rate Which two strategies should a consultant recommend?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Simplify the interactive voice response (IVR) tree.
  • B: Set up Email-to-Case.
  • C: Use Assignment rules and case queues.
  • D: Add additional agents to lower average hold time.

Question 4
Universal Containers wants to implement a customer service site. The goal of the site is to enable community members to access, create, and manage cases online.
How should the consultant implement these requirements?

  • A: Change the org-wide default for cases and contacts internal access to private.
  • B: Update the case assignment rule to add the site member to the predefined case team.
  • C: Create a sharing rule to share the contact record with the site member.
  • D: Set up a sharing set to grant access based on the site member's contact record.

Question 5
Universal Containers (UC) receives partner data in Excel format. The Excel data is all text, but needs to be imported into existing Salesforce Date, Number, and Text fields.
Which three best practices should a consultant recommend?
Choose 3 answers

  • A: Import the records and create a workflow rule to change the data type.
  • B: Standardize all rows to match Salesforce data types.
  • C: Import the records and use Duplicate Management.
  • D: Deduplicate the data before importing into Salesforce,
  • E: Install the Data Quality Analysis Dashboards from the AppExchange.

Question 6
Universal Containers wants to import an external knowledge base to Lightning Knowledge using the Knowledge Importer.
How should this be implemented?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Article Record Types must be created before the import.
  • B: Each Article Record Type must be in a separate CSV.
  • C: Article Record Types will be created as part of the import.
  • D: Multiple Article Record Types can be imported in the same CSV.

Question 7
Universal Containers (UC) wants to automate the process of case creation. While conducting a business process review, the consultant learned that in some instances, customers provide UC with digital pictures of the problem. The average attachment size was 34 MB.
Which solution should a consultant recommend?

  • A: Web-to-Case
  • B: Outlook Integration
  • C: Email-to-Case
  • D: On-Demand Email-to-Case

Question 8
Universal Containers recently deployed a Salesforce Knowledge implementation, but is looking to evaluate the quality of the articles being produced.
What should the Consultant recommend to gather information on Knowledge article usefulness?

  • A: Contact Salesforce to send a report on article efficacy.
  • B: Send out a monthly survey to customers requesting feedback.
  • C: Install Knowledge Base Dashboards and Reports AppExchange package.
  • D: Create a group of super users that will evaluate and manage articles.

Question 9
The Universal Containers sales team has been so successful in signing new customers that the support team is unable to provide same-day customer assistance.
What should a consultant recommend to address this problem?

  • A: Limit Customers to 5 Cases per day.
  • B: Provide a self-help Customer Community.
  • C: Add more support phone lines.
  • D: Ask sales reps to respond to support Cases.

Question 10
A manager would like information on the knowledge base searches conducted by customers and call center agents. Which two metrics are useful for identifying knowledge article effectiveness?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Knowledge search query with no results.
  • B: Knowledge articles with the lowest rating.
  • C: Number of knowledge articles in each data category.
  • D: Knowledge articles created by call center agents.



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