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Exam Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner
Number AD0-300
File Name Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner.train4sure.AD0-300.2019-07-04.1e.25q.vcex
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Posted July 04, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A campaign business practitioner needs to build an A/B test email campaign for two different promotions. By the theme that generates the most website visits. Which email metric indicates the winning promotion theme?

  • A: Highest Click through rate
  • B: Lowest unsubsubscribe rate
  • C: Highest open rate
  • D: Lowest activity rate

Question 2
A user is assigned to the administrator group (which has full access) and a developer access (which has restricted access). What is the result?

  • A: Based on administrator access, the user does NOT have any limitations
  • B: The user is unable to perform any tasks in the instance until the contradiction is fixed
  • C: An error is produced because this is NOT a compatible configuration
  • D: The user is limited to the rights granted to the Developer group

Question 3
What three file formats are available when exporting data via a data extraction from adobe campaign? (Choose three.)

  • A: PDF
  • B: CSV
  • C: XLS
  • D: XML
  • E: TXT
  • F: DOC

Question 4
Which is mandatory when creating a new campaign?

  • A: Label
  • B: Start date
  • C: Plan
  • D: Channel

Question 5
A business practitioner is testing two lists to determine which one responds best to a new email subject line. What email metric should be used to determine the bets list?

  • A: The list’s open rate for the email
  • B: The list’s delivery rate for the email
  • C: The list’s unsubscribe rate for the email
  • D: The list’s forward rate for the email

Question 6
How would you ensure a delivery is NOT sent to multiple recipients with the same email address?

  • A: Place a deduplication activity prior to the delivery
  • B: Place a union activity prior to the delivery
  • C: Place a change dimension activity prior to the delivery
  • D: Place a split activity prior to the delivery

Question 7
In which scenario will a business practitioner save time when using a campaign template?

  • A: When using unique workflow logic
  • B: When using same workflow logic
  • C: When sending the same email delivery
  • D: When contacting the same address

Question 8
A new sample file is needed for a data loading process with a new layout. You have clicked auto detect format. What step you should take?

  • A: Load a file from your local machine to test the format
  • B: Verify the file format, specifically date formats that need to be set correctly
  • C: You can move forward, auto detect formats the file properly
  • D: You should create a new data loading process and leave the original intact for future use

Question 9
A workflow starts and delivery is set to “enable but do not execute” what is the result?

  • A: The workflow stays in a pending start status
  • B: The workflow throws an error message upon reaching the delivery
  • C: The workflows enters a finished state upon reaching the delivery
  • D: The workflows enters a paused state upon reaching the delivery

Question 10
A marketer requests a report for open/clicks for a delivery over the past week. Which report is most appropriate to obtain the information?

  • A: Hypothesis report
  • B: Tracking statistic
  • C: Non-delivery and bounces
  • D: Summary of the delivery



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