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Exam Alcatel-Lucent Quality of Service
Number 4A0-107
File Name Alcatel-Lucent Quality of Service.certkiller.4A0-107.2019-03-01.1e.100q.vcex
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Posted March 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The IP ToS field consists of ________ bits, of which ________are used. The _________most significant (first) bits define precedence.

  • A: 8, 6, 3
  • B: 8, 8, 6
  • C: 16, 8, 4
  • D: 8, 6, 4
  • E: 24, 16, 8

Question 2
Which of the following are examples of metrics for QoS?

  • A: Signal degradation, attenuation, line loss
  • B: Latency, FIFO, WRED
  • C: Delay, jitter, packet loss
  • D: SNR, queue depth, latency
  • E: Attenuation, dispersion, latency

Question 3
What is the 6-bit binary representation of DSCP value AF21?

  • A: 010011
  • B: 100010
  • C: 010001
  • D: 001100
  • E: 010010

Question 4
Which of the following statements regarding DSCP bits are TRUE? (Choose three)

  • A: The three most significant (first) bits define 8 forwarding classes.
  • B: The three least significant (last) bits of the DSCP specify the drop probability.
  • C: The full 8 bits of the TOS field are used for DSCP.
  • D: To convert DSCP to IP precedence, the three most significant (first) bits are matched.
  • E: DSCP provides for eight drop probabilities.

Question 5
Which of the following can be used as classifiers of customer traffic? (Choose three)

  • A: DSCP value
  • B: 802.1p value
  • C: IP DF bit
  • D: TCP/UDP port numbers
  • E: HTML version number

Question 6
Which of the following are characteristics of DSCP? (Choose two)

  • A: DSCP is part of the Layer 3 header.
  • B: DSCP is a 6-bit field.
  • C: DSCP specifies eight different priorities.
  • D: DSCP specifies four precedence levels.
  • E: DSCP is part of the Layer 2 header
  • F: DSCP specifies 128 different per-hop behaviors.

Question 7
What is an SLA? (Choose two)

  • A: An SLA is used to provide automated, real-time testing and alarming for throughput, latency, and jitter across a provider's network.
  • B: An SLA is an agreement between a customer and a provider that dictates the treatment of customer traffic across the provider's network.
  • C: An SLA allows customers to control all traffic within the service provider's network by prioritizing their traffic over others as desired.
  • D: An SLA allows a customer to pre-mark traffic and ensure that traffic is treated as per the agreement within the provider's network.
  • E: An SLA is a standard set of network QoS policies that a provider shares to all its customers, allowing them to better understand the treatment of traffic within the provider's network.

Question 8
How many bits does DSCP use to provide QoS marking options?

  • A: 8
  • B: 16
  • C: 6
  • D: 4
  • E: 3

Question 9
Which of the following are major components of QoS functionality on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR? (Choose three)

  • A: Microflow reservations using RSVP
  • B: DSCP to EXP translation
  • C: Traffic classification
  • D: Automatic profiling and policy configuration
  • E: Buffer memory management
  • F: Traffic scheduling

Question 10
Which of the following are characteristics of 802.1p? (Choose two)

  • A: 802.1p adds 16 bits to the Layer 2 header,
  • B: 802.1p adds 16 bits to the Layer 3 header.
  • C: 802.1p specifies 64 different priority levels.
  • D: 802.1p uses a field in the 802.1Q header.
  • E: 802.1p uses a field in the Layer 3 IP header
  • F: 802.1p defines a 3-bit Class of Service field.



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