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Exam Arista Certified Engineering Associate
Number ACE-A1.2
File Name Arista Certified Engineering Associate.dump4pass.ACE-A1.2.2022-04-26.1e.127q.vcex
Size 499 Kb
Posted April 26, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
On EOS 4.13.1F, which of the following statements are true in regards to Arista’s Tap Aggregation feature? (Select two)

  • A: Tap ports are send only.
  • B: Tap ports are receive only.
  • C: Tool ports are send only.
  • D: Tool ports are receive only.

Question 2
Where does Aboot look for the boot system image at boot time?

  • A: At the location specified in the running-config
  • B: At the location specified in the startup-config
  • C: At the location specified in a file named boot-config on flash:
  • D: At the location specified in a file named boot_config on flash:

Question 3
When ZTP is in enable node, what triggers ZTP when the switch boots?

  • A: A missing or zero-byte SWI image.
  • B: A missing or zero-clue administrator.
  • C: A missing or zero-byte startup-config file
  • D: A missing or zero-byte running-config file

Question 4
Which of the following are valid Event Manager triggers?

  • A: on-boot
  • B: on-schedule
  • C: on-startup-config
  • D: on-reload

Question 5
Which of the following Arista switch series’ supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)?

  • A: 7050 
  • B: 7280E
  • C: 7300
  • D: 7500E

Question 6
Which command would you use to change the SSH Idle timeout after entering the ‘management ssh’ command?

  • A: idle-timeout <minutes> 
  • B: timed <minutes>
  • C: timeout <minutes> 
  • D: ssh-idle <minutes>

Question 7
What would be the result of issuing a reload command on one of the two switches peered together in an MLAG domain where both switches are running EOS version 4.14.1F?

  • A: Dual-homed hosts lose 50% of network capacity through the MLAG domain while the switch reboots
  • B: The peer switch also reboots to ensure network stability.
  • C: The peer switch sends out gratuitous BPDUs to let the network know that it has assumed the root-bridge role.
  • D: Nothing bad ever happens when MLAG is enabled!

Question 8
On an Arista switch, which port is used to connect a laptop to the switch for initial configuration or password recovery?

  • A: Ethernet 1
  • B: Console
  • C: Management 1
  • D: Ethernet 1/1

Question 9
How many Arista switches may be a part of a single MLAG domain?

  • A: 2
  • B: 4
  • C: 8
  • D: 16

Question 10
Which of the following are not valid boot-config file entries? 

  • A: NETGW=
  • B: IMAGE-flash:EOS-4.12.1.swi
  • C: SWI=flash:EOS-4.12.1.swi
  • D: SWIX=flash:EOS-4.12.1.swi



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