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Vendor: Blue Prism
Exam Code: ATA02
Exam Name: Designing a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment
Date: Oct 11, 2018
File Size: 76 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
What should be considered when configuring high availability and disaster recovery scenarios for availability of Business Processes managed by Blue Prism? 
(Select 2) 
  1. Resource pools and Active Queues can be used to distribute work to Runtime Resources which are online
  2. The Runtime Resources are “stateful” devices, therefore any failure or maintenance event should also be taken into account in the process design and scheduling methodology
  3. Using a load balancer and 2 application servers will ensure high availability of an automated process
  4. Use the setting within a Blue Prism Process to force a process to fail over to an alternative Runtime Resource in the event of a failure.
Correct answer: AC
Question 2
When is virtualization of a dedicated Interactive Client System most appropriate? (Select 2)
  1. Interactive Clients should never be virtualized
  2. For Process Development - it helps to ensure the Interactive Client has the same configuration as the virtualized Runtime Resources
  3. Where the developers are geographically separate to the Blue Prism environment
  4. To ensure a high-latency connection between the Interactive Client and the Application Server
  5. Whenever runtime resources are virtualized
Correct answer: CD
Question 3
What security is applied to data that is encrypted by Credential Manager when stored? (Select 1)
  1. The credentials are managed by the Windows Credential store and the security applied is proprietary to Microsoft
  2. The credentials are encrypted by the Application Server for storage in the database using either 3DES or AES-256 and a user generated key
  3. The credentials are encrypted by the Application Server for storage in the database using either 3DES or AES-256 and a secure key hardcoded within the application
  4. Credential Management is handled using session variables and security is applied based on the process logic that is defined.
Correct answer: A

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