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Exam Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals
Number 200-355
File Name CCNA Wireless Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals.testkings.200-355.1e.324q.vcex
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Posted January 21, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An engineer would like to setup secure authentication for a wireless network that will utilize single sign-on. Which two authentication methods can be used to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

  • A: LDAP
  • C: Local authentication
  • D: WEP
  • E: PSK

Question 2
An engineer wants to have users who connect to a WLAN be redirected to a terms-of-service page with the company logo and a login. What should be configured on the WLAN to enable this capability?

  • A: Layer 2 IEEE 802.1x
  • B: Web Policy Slash Page Web Redirect
  • C: Web Policy Authentication
  • D: AAA Servers
  • E: Web Policy Passthrough

Question 3
What suite of algorithms results in slower connection rates when using 802.11N technology?

  • A: WPA2
  • B: CCMP
  • C: TKIP
  • D: AES

Question 4
An engineer assists a user in configuring an Android device for authentication to an IEEE 802.1x EAP WLAN with PEAPv1. The Phase 2 authentication should be configured as which option?

  • A: LEAP
  • B: MSCHAPv2
  • C: TLS
  • D: TTLS

Question 5
Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two wireless functions is the client experiencing? (Choose two.)

  • A: Inter-controller Roaming
  • B: Intra-controller Roaming
  • C: Layer 2 Roaming
  • D: Layer 3 Roaming
  • E: Inter-subnet roaming
  • F: Re-authentication

Question 6
What is the approximate time difference for a client to perform an intracontroller roam compared to an intercontroller roam?

  • A: 1 ms
  • B: 10 ms
  • C: 20 ms
  • D: 30 ms

Question 7
Which two attributes must be configured to match in order for WLCs to operate in the same mobility group? (Choose two.)

  • A: mobility domain name
  • B: virtual IP address
  • C: service interface address
  • D: hardware model
  • E: software version

Question 8
Which operating mode is valid for controllers in a converged access architecture?

  • A: switch peer groups
  • B: mobility controller
  • C: auto-anchor
  • D: foreign anchor

Question 9
An engineer wants to deploy a 2504 controller as the anchor controller for a guest WLAN that resides on a 5508 controller in a different mobility group. What configuration change must be applied to support this deployment strategy?

  • A: UDP 16666 and IP Protocol 97 must be enabled on the 2504 controller
  • B: UDP 5246 and TCP Protocol 97 must be enabled on the router
  • C: The 2504 controller must be added to the same mobility group as the 5508.
  • D: DHCP Option 43 must be added to the neighboring switchport

Question 10
Which interface is used to connect the foreign and anchor controllers?

  • A: management
  • B: service
  • C: virtual
  • D: dynamic



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