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Exam Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR)
Number 350-401
File Name Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR).Marks4sure.350-401.2022-01-07.1e.311q.vcex
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Posted January 07, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An engineer is implementing a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to improve the streaming experience for the clients of a video-on-demand server. Which action must the engineer perform to configure extended discovery to support the MPLS LDP session between the headend and tailend routers?

  • A: Configure the interface bandwidth to handle TCP and UDP traffic between the LDP peers
  • B: Configure a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel on both ends of the session
  • C: Configure an access list on the interface to permit TCP and UDP traffic
  • D: Configure a targeted neighbor session.

Question 2
What is a characteristic of a next-generation firewall?

  • A: only required at the network perimeter
  • B: required in each layer of the network
  • C: filters traffic using Layer 3 and Layer 4 information only
  • D: provides intrusion prevention   

Question 3
What is the difference between a RIB and a FIB?

  • A: The RIB is used to make IP source prefix-based switching decisions
  • B: The FIB is where all IP routing information is stored
  • C: The RIB maintains a mirror image of the FIB
  • D: The FIB is populated based on RIB content 

Question 4

Refer to the exhibit. Which result does the python code achieve?

  • A: The code encrypts a base64 decrypted password.
  • B: The code converts time to the "year/month/day" time format.
  • C: The code converts time to the yyyymmdd representation.
  • D: The code converts time to the Epoch LINUX time format.

Question 5
In an SD-Access solution what is the role of a fabric edge node?

  • A: to connect external Layer 3- network to the SD-Access fabric
  • B: to connect wired endpoint to the SD-Access fabric
  • C: to advertise fabric IP address space to external network
  • D: to connect the fusion router to the SD-Access fabric

Question 6
Which three methods does Cisco DNA Centre use to discover devices? (Choose three)

  • A: CDP
  • B: SNMP
  • C: LLDP
  • D: ping
  • F: a specified range of IP addresses    

Question 7

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration must be applied to R1 to enable R1 to reach the server at 

  • A: Option A
  • B: Option B 
  • C: Option C
  • D: Option D

Question 8
What is the responsibility of a secondary WLC?

  • A: It shares the traffic load of the LAPs with the primary controller.
  • B: It avoids congestion on the primary controller by sharing the registration load on the LAPs.
  • C: It registers the LAPs if the primary controller fails.
  • D: It enables Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming between Itself and the primary controller.

Question 9
An engineer is concerned with the deployment of new application that is sensitive to inter-packet delay variance. Which command configures the router to be the destination of jitter measurements?

  • A: Router(config)# ip sla responder udp-connect 5000
  • B: Router(config)# ip sla responder tcp-connect 5000
  • C: Router(config)# ip sla responder udp-echo 5000
  • D: Router(config)# ip sla responder tcp-echo 5000

Question 10
Which NGFW mode block flows crossing the firewall?

  • A: Passive
  • B: Tap
  • C: Inline tap
  • D: Inline



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