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Exam CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2
Number 220-1002
File Name CompTIA A+ Certification Exam-Core 2.PracticeTest.220-1002.2019-02-08.1e.37q.vcex
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Posted February 08, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A technician is working on a Windows 10 PC that is running slowly.  
Which of the following commands should the technician use to correct this issue? (Select two.) 

  • A: dir
  • B: chdsk
  • C: dism
  • D: ipconfig
  • E: format
  • F: diskpart

Question 2
An administrator is setting up a Windows terminal server. Which of the following settings should the administrator modify to increase server security? (Select two.)

  • A: Change the default access port
  • B: Enforce password complexity
  • C: Put the terminal server into the router’s DMZ
  • D: Disable logon time restrictions
  • E: Block all unused ports on the LAN smart switch
  • F: Use the local client certificate for server authentication

Question 3
A small office’s wireless network was compromised recently by an attacker who brute forced a PIN to gain access. The attacker then modified the DNS settings on the router and spread malware to the entire network. 
Which of the following configurations MOST likely allowed the attack to take place? (Select two.)

  • A: Guest network
  • B: TKIP
  • C: Default login
  • D: Outdated firmware
  • E: WPS
  • F: WEP

Question 4
A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website with port 443 enabled. Other computers on the same LAN do not exhibit this symptom. Which of the following needs to be adjusted on the workstation to fix the issue?

  • A: Date and time
  • B: UEFI boot mode
  • C: Logon times
  • D: User access control

Question 5
A department in an organization set up a proxy server to manage its Internet stage. A technician is configuring the Windows workstations to use the new proxy server. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician use to configure the setting?

  • A: Internet Options – Advanced
  • B: Internet Options – Connections
  • C: Internet Options – Security
  • D: Internet Options – Content
  • E: Internet Options – Privacy

Question 6
Which of the following is the amount of memory a user is limited to with a 32-bit version of Windows?

  • A: 2GB
  • B: 4GB
  • C: 8GB
  • D: 16GB

Question 7
A technician is working at a help-desk form and receives a call from a user who has experienced repeated BSODs. The technician is scheduled to take a break just after the call comes in. Which of the following is the BEST choice for the technician to make?

  • A: Politely ask the user to call back
  • B: Ask another technician to take the call
  • C: Troubleshoot the issue for the user
  • D: Input the issue as a ticket and escalate to Tier 2
  • E: Put the user on hold and troubleshoot after the scheduled break

Question 8
A user’s phone contains customer’s PII. The user cannot have the phone automatically wiped because the data is very valuable. Which of the following is the BEST method of securing the phone?

  • A: Fingerprint lock
  • B: Passcode lock
  • C: Swipe lock
  • D: PIN lock

Question 9
Which of the following devices are MOST likely to have a grounding wire attached to them based on the manufacturer’s design? (Select two.)

  • A: UPS
  • B: Server rack
  • C: PoE phone
  • D: Desktop printer
  • E: Modem
  • F: Patch panel

Question 10
A technician is installing a private PC in a public workspace. Which of the following password practices should the technician implement on the PC to secure network access?

  • A: Remove the guest account from the administrators group
  • B: Disable single sign-on
  • C: Issue a default strong password for all users
  • D: Require authentication on wake-up



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