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Exam CompTIA Cloud Essentials
Number CLO-001
File Name CompTIA Cloud Essentials.PrepAway.CLO-001.2020-11-18.1e.252q.vcex
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Posted November 18, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Digital identities for logging onto SaaS solutions should be issued by all the following EXCEPT:

  • A: A third-party identity provider.
  • B: The customer organization.
  • C: The SaaS provider.
  • D: A user.

Question 2
Why is it important to consider the cloud ecosystem when developing applications?

  • A: Cloud providers will do application development.
  • B: The development process needs to change.
  • C: The role of the IT department will change.
  • D: This can speed up the development process.

Question 3
Which of the following actions should a company take if a cloud computing provider ceases to uphold their contract?

  • A: Consult the company's exit plan.
  • B: Move the company data to the backup provider that was selected earlier.
  • C: Re-host all critical applications on the company's internal servers.
  • D: Evaluate the company's strategic options for an alternative provider

Question 4
Which of the following consequences does IT outsourcing and cloud computing have in common?

  • A: Involvement of external staff
  • B: Improved flexibility
  • C: Reduced expense
  • D: Shorter time to market

Question 5
Which of the following is the function of orchestration services?

  • A: Assemble functional requirements for application development
  • B: Configure application clusters with Web services
  • C: Enable and disable load balancers
  • D: Manage the starting and stopping of application server clusters

Question 6
Which of the following is a reason for business users lo be interested in cloud computing?

  • A: Desire for vendor lock-in reduction
  • B: Desire for improved security
  • C: Desire for improved user experience
  • D: Desire for reducing compliance issues

Question 7
Which of the following is important to standardize?

  • A: Information standards and applications
  • B: User names and hardware providers
  • C: Virtual machine images and applications
  • D: Virtual machine images and identity information standards

Question 8
Cloud computing _____________capital cost to variable cost.

  • A: increases
  • B: reduces
  • C: shifts
  • D: equates

Question 9
Privacy is the right of________ to selectively disclose information about _________ and restrict the further use of that information by any party.

  • A: companies, others
  • B: companies, themselves
  • C: individuals, others
  • D: individuals, themselves

Question 10
Which of the following is the primary way to access PaaS?

  • A: Web services
  • B: Websites
  • C: Web hosting providers
  • D: Data integrations



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