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Exam CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam
Number SY0-601
File Name CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam.ExamsVCE.SY0-601.2021-04-04.1e.149q.vcex
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Posted April 04, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An organization that is located in a flood zone is MOST likely to document the concerns associated with therestoration of IT operation in a:

  • A: business continuity plan
  • B: communications plan. 
  • C: disaster recovery plan.
  • D: continuity of operations plan

Question 2
A network engineer needs to build a solution that will allow guests at the company’s headquarters to access the Internet via WiFi. This solution should not allow access to the internal corporate network, but it should require guests to sign off on the acceptable use policy before accessing the Internet. 
Which of the following should the engineer employ to meet these requirements?

  • A: Implement open PSK on the APs
  • B: Deploy a WAF
  • C: Configure WIPS on the APs
  • D: Install a captive portal

Question 3
A security administrator currently spends a large amount of time on common security tasks, such aa report generation, phishing investigations, and user provisioning and deprovisioning This prevents the administrator  from spending time on other security projects. The business does not have the budget to add more staff members. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

  • A: DAC
  • B: ABAC
  • C: SCAP
  • D: SOAR

Question 4
A security analyst is preparing a threat for an upcoming internal penetration test. The analyst needs to identify a method for determining the tactics, techniques, and procedures of a threat against the organization’s network. 
Which of the following will the analyst MOST likely use to accomplish the objective?

  • A: A table exercise
  • B: NST CSF
  • D: OWASP

Question 5
A security engineer needs to implement an MDM solution that complies with the corporate mobile device policy. The policy states that in order for mobile users to access corporate resources on their devices the following requirements must be met:
Mobile device OSs must be patched up to the latest release 
A screen lock must be enabled (passcode or biometric) 
Corporate data must be removed if the device is reported lost or stolen 
Which of the following controls should the security engineer configure? (Select TWO)

  • A: Containerization
  • B: Storage segmentation
  • C: Posturing
  • D: Remote wipe  
  • E: Full-device encryption
  • F: Geofencing

Question 6
An organization has a growing workforce that is mostly driven by additions to the sales department. Each newly hired salesperson relies on a mobile device to conduct business. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is wondering it the organization may need to scale down just as quickly as it scaled up. The ClO is also concerned about the organization's security and customer privacy. Which of the following would be BEST to address the ClO’s concerns?

  • A: Disallow new hires from using mobile devices for six months
  • B: Select four devices for the sales department to use in a CYOD model
  • C: Implement BYOD for the sates department while leveraging the MDM
  • D: Deploy mobile devices using the COPE methodology

Question 7
Which of the following would MOST likely support the integrity of a voting machine?

  • A: Asymmetric encryption
  • B: Blockchain
  • C: Transport Layer Security  
  • D: Perfect forward secrecy

Question 8
An organization is concerned that is hosted web servers are not running the most updated version of the software. 
Which of the following would work BEST to help identify potential vulnerabilities?

  • A: Hping3 –s comptia, org –p 80
  • B: Nc -1 –v comptia, org –p 80
  • C: nmp comptia, org –p 80 –aV
  • D: nslookup –port=80

Question 9
In which of the following common use cases would steganography be employed?

  • A: Obfuscation
  • B: Integrity
  • C: Non-repudiation
  • D: Blockchain

Question 10
A database administrator needs to ensure all passwords are stored in a secure manner, so the administrate adds randomly generated data to each password before string. 
Which of the following techniques BEST explains this action?

  • A: Predictability
  • B: Key stretching
  • C: Salting 
  • D: Hashing



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