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Exam CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam
Number SY0-601
File Name CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam.ExamsVCE.SY0-601.2021-04-30.1e.213q.vcex
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Posted April 30, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A security analyst receives the configuration of a current VPN profile and notices the authentication is only applied to the IP datagram portion of the packet. Which of the following should the analyst implement to authenticate the entire packet?

  • A: AH
  • B: ESP
  • C: SRTP
  • D: LDAP

Question 2
An organization that is located in a flood zone is MOST likely to document the concerns associated with therestoration of IT operation in a:

  • A: business continuity plan
  • B: communications plan. 
  • C: disaster recovery plan.
  • D: continuity of operations plan

Question 3
A security modern may have occurred on the desktop PC of an organization's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) A duplicate copy of the CEO's hard drive must be stored securely to ensure appropriate forensic processes and the chain of custody are followed. Which of the following should be performed to accomplish this task?

  • A: Install a new hard drive in the CEO's PC, and then remove the old hard drive and place it in a tamper-evident bag
  • B: Connect a write blocker to the hard drive Then leveraging a forensic workstation, utilize the dd command m a live Linux environment to create a duplicate copy
  • C: Remove the CEO's hard drive from the PC, connect to the forensic workstation, and copy all the contents onto a remote fileshare while the CEO watches
  • D: Refrain from completing a forensic analysts of the CEO's hard drive until after the incident is confirmed, duplicating the hard drive at this stage could destroy evidence 

Question 4
A network engineer needs to build a solution that will allow guests at the company’s headquarters to access the Internet via WiFi. This solution should not allow access to the internal corporate network, but it should require guests to sign off on the acceptable use policy before accessing the Internet. 
Which of the following should the engineer employ to meet these requirements?

  • A: Implement open PSK on the APs
  • B: Deploy a WAF
  • C: Configure WIPS on the APs
  • D: Install a captive portal

Question 5
A security administrator currently spends a large amount of time on common security tasks, such aa report generation, phishing investigations, and user provisioning and deprovisioning This prevents the administrator  from spending time on other security projects. The business does not have the budget to add more staff members. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

  • A: DAC
  • B: ABAC
  • C: SCAP
  • D: SOAR

Question 6
A global pandemic is forcing a private organization to close some business units and reduce staffing at others. 
Which of the following would be BEST to help the organization’s executives determine the next course of action?

  • A: An incident response plan
  • B: A communications plan
  • C: A disaster recovery plan 
  • D: A business continuity plan

Question 7
A security analyst is preparing a threat for an upcoming internal penetration test. The analyst needs to identify a method for determining the tactics, techniques, and procedures of a threat against the organization’s network. 
Which of the following will the analyst MOST likely use to accomplish the objective?

  • A: A table exercise
  • B: NST CSF
  • D: OWASP

Question 8
A company has limited storage available and online presence that cannot for more than four hours. Which of the following backup methodologies should the company implement to allow for the FASTEST database restore time In the event of a failure, which being maindful of the limited available storage space?

  • A: Implement fulltape backup every Sunday at 8:00 p.m and perform nightly tape rotations.
  • B: Implement different backups every Sunday at 8:00 and nightly incremental backups at 8:00 p.m
  • C: Implement nightly full backups every Sunday at 8:00 p.m
  • D: Implement full backups every Sunday at 8:00 p.m and nightly differential backups at 8:00

Question 9
An organization's Chief Security Officer (CSO) wants to validate the business's involvement in the incident response plan to ensure its validity and thoroughness. 
Which of the following will the CSO MOST likely use?

  • A: An external security assessment
  • B: A bug bounty program
  • C: A tabletop exercise
  • D: A red-team engagement

Question 10
A security engineer needs to implement an MDM solution that complies with the corporate mobile device policy. The policy states that in order for mobile users to access corporate resources on their devices the following requirements must be met:
Mobile device OSs must be patched up to the latest release 
A screen lock must be enabled (passcode or biometric) 
Corporate data must be removed if the device is reported lost or stolen 
Which of the following controls should the security engineer configure? (Select TWO)

  • A: Containerization
  • B: Storage segmentation
  • C: Posturing
  • D: Remote wipe  
  • E: Full-device encryption
  • F: Geofencing



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