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Exam CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam
Number SY0-601
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Posted April 04, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A recent malware outbreak across a subnet included successful rootkit installations on many PCs, ensuring persistence by rendering remediation efforts ineffective. 
Which of the following would BEST detect the presence of a rootkit in the future?

  • A: FDE
  • B: NIDS
  • C: EDR
  • D: DLP

Question 2
Users have been issued smart cards that provide physical access to a building. The cards also contain tokens that can be used to access information systems. Users can log m to any thin client located throughout the building and see the same desktop each time. 
Which of the following technologies are being utilized to provide these capabilities? (Select TWO)

  • A: COPE
  • B: VDI
  • C: GPS
  • D: TOTP
  • E: RFID
  • F: BYOD

Question 3
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an organization would like staff members to have the flexibility to work from home anytime during business hours, incident during a pandemic or crisis, However, the CEO is concerned that some staff members may take advantage of the of the flexibility and work from high-risk countries while on holidays work to a third-party organization in another country. The Chief information Officer (CIO) believes the company can implement some basic to mitigate the majority of the risk. 
Which of the following would be BEST to mitigate CEO’s concern? (Select TWO).

  • A: Geolocation
  • B: Time-of-day restrictions
  • C: Certificates
  • D: Tokens
  • E: Geotagging
  • F: Role-based access controls

Question 4
Which of the following will provide the BEST physical security countermeasures to stop intruders? (Select TWO.)

  • A: Alarms
  • B: Signage
  • C: Lighting
  • D: Mantraps
  • E: Fencing
  • F: Sensors

Question 5
A security administrator checks the table of a network switch, which shows the following output:


Which of the following is happening to this switch?

  • A: MAC Flooding
  • B: DNS poisoning
  • C: MAC cloning
  • D: ARP poisoning

Question 6
A well-known organization has been experiencing attacks from APIs. The organization is concerned that custom malware is being created and emailed into the company or installed on USB sticks that are dropped in parking lots. Which of the following is the BEST defense against this scenario?

  • A: Configuring signature-based antivirus io update every 30 minutes
  • B: Enforcing S/MIME for email and automatically encrypting USB drives upon insertion.
  • C: Implementing application execution in a sandbox for unknown software.  
  • D: Fuzzing new files for vulnerabilities if they are not digitally signed

Question 7
Joe, a user at a company, clicked an email link led to a website that infected his workstation. Joe, was connected to the network, and the virus spread to the network shares. The protective measures failed to stop this virus, and It has continues to evade detection. 
Which of the following should administrator implement to protect the environment from this malware?

  • A: Install a definition-based antivirus.
  • B: Implement an IDS/IPS
  • C: Implement a heuristic behavior-detection solution.
  • D: Implement CASB to protect the network shares.

Question 8
A RAT that was used to compromise an organization’s banking credentials was found on a user’s computer. The RAT evaded antivirus detection. It was installed by a user who has local administrator rights to the system as part of a remote management tool set. Which of the following recommendations would BEST prevent this from reoccurring?

  • A: Create a new acceptable use policy.
  • B: Segment the network into trusted and untrusted zones.
  • C: Enforce application whitelisting.
  • D: Implement DLP at the network boundary.

Question 9
A security analyst is looking for a solution to help communicate to the leadership team the seventy levels of the organization’s vulnerabilities. 
Which of the following would BEST meet this need?

  • A: CVE
  • B: SIEM
  • C: SOAR
  • D: CVSS

Question 10
An organization that is located in a flood zone is MOST likely to document the concerns associated with the restoration of IT operation in a:

  • A: business continuity plan
  • B: communications plan.
  • C: disaster recovery plan.
  • D: continuity of operations plan



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