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Exam Information Storage and Management v4 exam
Number DEA-1TT4
File Name Information Storage and Management v4 exam.dump4pass.DEA-1TT4.2022-01-18.1e.69q.vcex
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Posted January 18, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An Ethernet switch has eight ports and all ports must be operational for 24 hours, from Monday through Friday. However, a failure of Port4 occurs as follows:
Monday = 8 PM to 9 PM 
Wednesday 7 PM to 9 PM 
Thursday = 6 AM to 9 AM 
Saturday = 4 PM to 7 PM 
What is the MTTR of Port 4?

  • A: 2 hours
  • B: 3 hours
  • C: 28 hours
  • D: 38 hours

Question 2
What accurately describes an iSCSI HBA?

  • A: Performs both iSCSI and TCP/IP processing
  • B: Requires CPU cycles for TCP/IP processing
  • C: Requires a software adapter with built-in functionality
  • D: Enables transmission of data through iSCSI tunneling

Question 3
When using the erasure coding technique in an object-based storage system, data is divided into 12 data segments and 4 coding segments. 
What is the maximum number of disk drive failures against which data is protected by the configuration?

  • A: 3
  • B: 4
  • C: 8
  • D: 12

Question 4
In a backup operation, what are the correct sequence of steps after the backup server initiates the scheduled backup process? 

Question 5
In an archiving environment, how is a content address created in a content addressable storage (CAS) system to store an object?

  • A: From the metadata of an object.
  • B: By using the logical address of the memory space. 
  • C: From the binary representation of an object.
  • D: By using the physical address of the storage device.

Question 6
What is a benefit of link aggregation?

  • A: Optimizes fabric performance by distributing network traffic across ISLs.
  • B: Improves ISL utilization by increasing the network traffic on a specific ISL.
  • C: Yields a higher throughput by combining two parallel ISLs into a single physical ISL.
  • D: Saves bandwidth by restricting traffic to a specific potentially congested ISL.

Question 7
In a compute-based storage area network (SAN), what is a function of the metadata manager?

  • A: Holds cluster-wide mapping information and load balancing in a compute-based SAN.
  • B: Performs the I/O operations on the local storage of a compute system as requested by a client.
  • C: Provides an interface to the software-defined storage controller.
  • D: Controls all data read and write operations in a compute-based SAN.

Question 8
Why is it important for organizations to store, protect, and manage their data? 

  • A: Reduce the amount of data to be replicated, migrated, and backed up.
  • B: Rapidly develop and deploy modern applications for business improvement.
  • C: Develop new business opportunities by leveraging existing data.
  • D: Reduce the complexity in managing the data center environment.

Question 9
Which layer of the OSI model provides the functional and procedural methods to transfer data between network entities?

  • A: Data link
  • B: Presentation
  • C: Session
  • D: Application

Question 10
What is an accurate statement about variable prefetching?

  • A: Many blocks that have recently been written to storage by the compute system are retrieved and placed in cache.
  • B: Many non-contiguous blocks that are not currently required can be retrieved from cache in advance.
  • C: Storage system prefetches data in multiples of the original I/O request size from the compute system.
  • D: Storage system prefetches many non-contiguous blocks of data, with varied sizes, from cache. 



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