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Exam Specialist - Systems Administrator, VxRack System FLEX Exam
Number DES-6321
File Name Specialist -Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance Exam.VCEplus.DES-6321.2020-02-09.1e.91q.vcex
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Posted February 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A 4-node VxRail Model E560F solution with an embedded vCenter and Log Insight is planned for deployment. Prior to deployment, DNS records must be created for which hosts?

  • A: vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, VxRail Manager, and iDRAC
  • B: vCenter Server, first ESXi host, VxRail Manager, and iDRAC
  • C: DNS records are automatically created during VxRail deployment
  • D: vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, VxRail Manager, and Log Insight

Question 2
What is the default network traffic configuration for a VxRail node with 2 x 10 GbE ports?

  • A: Management and vMotion on Uplink1
    vSAN and Virtual Machines on Uplink2
  • B: Management, Virtual Machines, and vSAN on Uplink1
    vMotion on Uplink2
  • C: Management, vMotion, and Virtual Machines on Uplink1
    vSAN on Uplink2
  • D: Management and Virtual Machines on Uplink1
    vSAN and vMotion on Uplink2

Question 3
What is required to enable vSAN encryption on a VxRail cluster?

  • A: All-Flash systemExternal Key Management Server
  • B: Internal vCenter ServerInternal Key Management Server
  • C: External vCenter ServerExternal Key Management Server
  • D: Internal vCenter ServerExternal Key Management Server

Question 4
A customer is configuring VxRail to connect to an existing, external SRS VE. Their support account is associated with the Site ID/Party ID where VxRail is installed. A validation error is issued when the customer attempts to register VxRail in
What is the possible cause for the error?

  • A: Status of VxRail in Install Base is 'Shipped'
  • B: Wrong IP address was used for SRS VE gateway
  • C: SRS traffic goes through a proxy server
  • D: Number of deployed devices on SRS gateway has exceeded the maximum

Question 5
An implementation engineer is attempting to add a new node to a 3 node VxRail cluster.
What is the minimum VxRail code version that no longer requires the fourth node to match the first three nodes?

  • A: 4.0.302 
  • B: 4.0.502 
  • C: 4.5.070
  • D: 4.5.150

Question 6
What is the minimum number of VxRail hosts required if FTT = 1 and FTM is set to Erasure Coding?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C: 5
  • D: 6

Question 7
A Dell EMC solutions architect has updated the VxRail PEQ with Customer Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch details.
On which worksheet would they need to be to generate a new NVT JSON file?

  • A: Engagement Details
  • B: Networking Details
  • C: Customer
  • D: VxRail Cluster

Question 8
A failure occurs during the deployment of a VxRail cluster. You need to look through the marvin.log file to see what could be causing the error.
Where is this file located?

  • A: var/log/vmware/marvin
  • B: var/log/vmware
  • C: var/log/vmware/marvin/tomcat/logs
  • D: var/log/mystic

Question 9
The vCenter managing a VxRail cluster must be able to support both Enhanced Linked Mode and vSAN Encryption.
What is the correct configuration to satisfy this requirement?

  • A: External vCenter
    External  PSC
  • B: Embedded vCenter
    Embedded PSC
  • C: External vCenter
    Embedded PSC
  • D: Embedded vCenter
    External PSC

Question 10
Where is the VxRail Manager pre-installed on a newly shipped, 4 node VxRail Model G410 system?

  • A: Node with the highest serial number
  • B: Bottom-right node from the front
  • C: All nodes
  • D: First node



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