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Exam Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50v9)
Number 312-50
File Name Certified Ethical Hacker Exam.ActualTests.312-50.2022-01-12.5e.343q.vcex
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Posted January 12, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Passive reconnaissance involves collecting information through which of the following?

  • A: Social engineering
  • B: Network traffic sniffing
  • C: Man in the middle attacks
  • D: Publicly accessible sources

Question 2
How can rainbow tables be defeated?

  • A: Password salting
  • B: Use of non-dictionary words
  • C: All uppercase character passwords
  • D: Lockout accounts under brute force password cracking attempts

Question 3
An NMAP scan of a server shows port 25 is open. What risk could this pose?

  • A: Open printer sharing
  • B: Web portal data leak
  • C: Clear text authentication
  • D: Active mail relay

Question 4
What type of OS fingerprinting technique sends specially crafted packets to the remote OS and analyzes the received response?

  • A: Passive 
  • B: Reflective
  • C: Active
  • D: Distributive

Question 5
Which of the following is a detective control?

  • A: Smart card authentication
  • B: Security policy
  • C: Audit trail
  • D: Continuity of operations plan

Question 6
When utilizing technical assessment methods to assess the security posture of a network, which of the following techniques would be most effective in determining whether end-user security training would be beneficial?

  • A: Vulnerability scanning
  • B: Social engineering
  • C: Application security testing
  • D: Network sniffing

Question 7
A company has publicly hosted web applications and an internal Intranet protected by a firewall. 
Which technique will help protect against enumeration?

  • A: Reject all invalid email received via SMTP.
  • B: Allow full DNS zone transfers.
  • C: Remove A records for internal hosts.
  • D: Enable null session pipes.

Question 8
Which of the following techniques will identify if computer files have been changed?

  • A: Network sniffing
  • B: Permission sets
  • C: Integrity checking hashes
  • D: Firewall alerts

Question 9
Which system consists of a publicly available set of databases that contain domain name registration contact information?

  • A: WHOIS
  • B: IANA
  • D: IETF

Question 10
The following is part of a log file taken from the machine on the network with the IP address of
Time:Mar 13 17:30:15 Port:20 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:17 Port:21 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:19 Port:22 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:21 Port:23 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:22 Port:25 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:23 Port:80 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:30 Port:443 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP
What type of activity has been logged?

  • A: Port scan targeting
  • B: Teardrop attack targeting
  • C: Denial of service attack targeting
  • D: Port scan targeting



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