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Exam Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50v9)
Number 312-50
File Name Certified Ethical Hacker Exam.ActualTests.312-50.2022-01-27.7e.388q.vcex
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Posted January 27, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following is an application that requires a host application for replication?

  • A: Micro
  • B: Worm
  • C: Trojan
  • D: Virus 

Question 2
Bluetooth uses which digital modulation technique to exchange information between paired devices?

  • A: PSK (phase-shift keying)
  • B: FSK (frequency-shift keying)
  • C: ASK (amplitude-shift keying)
  • D: QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)

Question 3
Passive reconnaissance involves collecting information through which of the following?

  • A: Social engineering
  • B: Network traffic sniffing
  • C: Man in the middle attacks
  • D: Publicly accessible sources

Question 4
How can rainbow tables be defeated?

  • A: Password salting
  • B: Use of non-dictionary words
  • C: All uppercase character passwords
  • D: Lockout accounts under brute force password cracking attempts

Question 5
The following is a sample of output from a penetration tester's machine targeting a machine with the IP address of

What is most likely taking place?

  • A: Ping sweep of the network
  • B: Remote service brute force attempt
  • C: Port scan of
  • D: Denial of service attack on

Question 6
An NMAP scan of a server shows port 25 is open. What risk could this pose?

  • A: Open printer sharing
  • B: Web portal data leak
  • C: Clear text authentication
  • D: Active mail relay

Question 7
What type of OS fingerprinting technique sends specially crafted packets to the remote OS and analyzes the received response?

  • A: Passive 
  • B: Reflective
  • C: Active
  • D: Distributive

Question 8
Which of the following lists are valid data-gathering activities associated with a risk assessment?

  • A: Threat identification, vulnerability identification, control analysis
  • B: Threat identification, response identification, mitigation identification
  • C: Attack profile, defense profile, loss profile
  • D: System profile, vulnerability identification, security determination

Question 9
A penetration tester is hired to do a risk assessment of a company's DMZ. The rules of engagement states that the penetration test be done from an external IP address with no prior knowledge of the internal IT systems. What kind of test is being performed?

  • A: white box
  • B: grey box
  • C: red box
  • D: black box

Question 10
Which of the following is a detective control?

  • A: Smart card authentication
  • B: Security policy
  • C: Audit trail
  • D: Continuity of operations plan



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