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Exam FortiDDoS 4.0 Specialist
Number FortiDDoS
File Name FortiDDoS 4-0 Specialist.testking.FortiDDoS.2019-04-14.1e.5q.vcex
Size 132 Kb
Posted April 14, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Regarding the switching SPP feature, what is used to determine when FortiDDoS switches the traffic to an alternate SPP?

  • A: Traffic volume
  • B: Destination IP addresses
  • C: Mitigated attacks
  • D: Blocked packets

Question 2
The exhibit shows the configuration for the blocking periods.  


FortiDDoS has detected an incoming fragmented flood attack in SPP 0 
According with the exhibit, which action does the unit take with the SPP-0 traffic as soon as the attack is detected?

  • A: Incoming fragmented packets from all sources are blocked for at least 60 seconds.
  • B: Incoming fragmented packets from all identified malicious sources are blocked for at least 120 seconds.
  • C: Incoming fragmented packets from all sources are blocked for at least 15 seconds.
  • D: All incoming packets from all sources are blocked for at least 15 seconds.

Question 3
A FortiDDoS device must be deployed as soon as possible in a customer network that is currently under a DDoS attack. Which values are recommended to use for the configured minimum thresholds?

  • A: The factory default values.
  • B: The factory default values increased by a percentage that depends on the customer traffic volume.
  • C: The easy setup values.
  • D: The system recommended values after a one-hour learning period.

Question 4
The exhibit shows the partial configuration settings to generate the system recommended values for the configured minimum thresholds.  


During the learning period, the maximum packet rate for UDP traffic to port 53 was 2,000 packets per second. According with the exhibit, what will be the system recommended value for the configured minimum threshold for UDP traffic to port 53?

  • A: 8,000 packets per second
  • B: 2,000 packets per second
  • C: 400 packets per second
  • D: 10,000 packets per second

Question 5
Which of the following events can make FortiDDoS drop packets? (Choose two.)

  • A: SPPs are working in detection mode.
  • B: Packets match an access list with action deny.
  • C: One direction of the traffic is crossing the FortiDDoS, but the other direction is not (asymmetric routing).
  • D: A violation of the TCP protocol in a TCP session.



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