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Exam HCNA-HNTD (Huawei Certified Network Associate-Huawei Network Technology and Device)
Number H12-211
File Name HCNA (Huawei Certified Network Associate).PracticeTest.H12-211.1e.144q.vcex
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Posted February 02, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following statements about gratuitous ARP packets are true? (Choose two)

  • A: A system can determine whether conflicting IP addresses are used by sending a gratuitous ARP packet
  • B: A gratuitous ARP packet uses the same format as an ARP request packet.
  • C: A gratuitous ARP packet can help to update an IP address.
  • D: A gratuitous ARP packet uses the same format as an ARP reply packet.

Question 2
UDP is connectionless oriented, which of the following must be used in order to ensure reliability?

  • A: Internet Protocol
  • B: Application Layer Protocol
  • C: Network Layer Protocol
  • D: Transmission Control Protocol

Question 3
The administrator has configured an IP address for Host A and Host B, but had forgotten to configure a default gateway.  
What effect will this have on the hosts?

  • A: Neither host will be affected, and therefore will be able to communicate with the peer.
  • B: Host A will be unable to connect to the router’s G0/0/0 interface.
  • C: Hosts will be unable to communicate unless arp-proxy is enabled on the router.
  • D: The host will be unable to reach neither the local nor remote network destinations.

Question 4
A host has established a telnet connection with the router attached to interface G0/0/0.  
Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose two)

  • A: The destination address of a frame sent by the host will be the MAC address of the router interface.
  • B: The destination address of a frame will be the MAC address of the switch interface.
  • C: The destination port number in a segment header will have a value of 80.
  • D: The destination IP address of a packet will be the IP address of the network interface of the router.

Question 5
The administrator uses the ping command on the host to test connectivity to the website 
The command line shows a request time out. The administrator displays the ARP entries for the host.  
Which entry will be found in the ARP cache table of the host?

  • A: The MAC address of the destination will exist in the ARP cache.
  • B: The MAC address of the switch will exist in the ARP cache.
  • C: The IP address of the destination will exist in the ARP cache.
  • D: The MAC address of router interface G0/0/0, will exist in the ARP cache.

Question 6
When R2 forwards data to R3 from R1, which of the following items will change? (Choose two)

  • A: The source MAC address
  • B: The destination MAC address
  • C: The source IP address
  • D: The destination IP address

Question 7
If Host B also configured the IP address as “”, an IP address config will occur.  
What will happen as a result?

  • A: Host B will send an ICMP request to the destination with the configured IP address. If a reply is received, the host will notify of an address conflict.
  • B: Host A will send a gratuitous ARP request to resolve the MAC address of the destination, for which Host B will reply.
  • C: Host B will send a gratuitous ARP request to resolve the MAC address of the destination, for which Host A will reply.
  • D: Host A will ignore any received ARP request intended for destination

Question 8

Refer to the graphic. A switch attempts to forward a frame to the MAC destination 5489-98ec-f011. What operation will occur on the switch?

  • A: The switch will send a request to obtain the MAC address of 5489-98ec-f011.
  • B: The switch will report that the destination is unreachable and report this to the source.
  • C: The switch will flood the frame via all ports, with exception of the port on which the frame was received.
  • D: The switch will drop the frame because it does not have an entry in its MAC address table.

Question 9
Host A has been connected to switch A and configured with an IP address.  
When Host A initially forwards a frame, what action will be taken by Switch A?

  • A: Switch A will drop this frame.
  • B: Switch A will attempt to flood the frame to all ports except for the G0/0/1 interface.
  • C: Switch A will forward the frame via ports G0/0/1, G0/0/2 and G0/0/3.
  • D: Switch will receive this frame before returning the frame to G0/0/1.

Question 10
A server is linked to port interface G0/0/1 of a switch. The administrator wishes to allow only this server to be linked to this interface on the switch.  
Which method can be used to achieve this?

  • A: Configure a static ARP entry using the server’s IP address and MAC address in the switch.
  • B: Configure a static MAC address binding entry of the server’s MAC address and the interface in the switch.
  • C: Configure the default gateway of the switch to be the same as the server’s IP address.
  • D: It is not possible to enable a single device to be associated with an interface.



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