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Exam HCNA-Security-CBSN (Huawei Certified Network Associate - Constructing Basic Security Network)
Number H12-711
File Name HCNA-Security-CBSN (Huawei Certified Network Associate -Constructing Basic Security Network).CertDumps.H12-711.2021-12-23.1e.67q.vcex
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Posted December 23, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following state information can be backed up by Huawei Redundancy Protocol (HRP)? (Multiple choices)

  • A: Session table
  • B: ServerMap entry
  • C: Dynamic blacklist
  • D: Routing table

Question 2
Which of the following attacks is not a malformed packet attack?

  • A: Teardrop attack
  • B: Smurf attack
  • C: TCP Fragmentation Attack
  • D: ICMP Unreachable Packet Attack

Question 3
The "Caesar cipher" is mainly used to encrypt data by using a stick of a specific specification.

  • A: Yes
  • B: wrong

Question 4
NAPT technology can implement one public network IP address for multiple private network hosts.

  • A: Yes
  • B: wrong

Question 5
Regarding the firewall security policy statement, what is wrong with the following options?

  • A: If the security policy is permit, discarded packets will not accumulate "hits"
  • B: When configuring a security policy name, you cannot reuse the same name
  • C: Adjust the order of security policies, no need to save configuration files, take effect immediately
  • D: The security policy entries of Huawei USG series firewalls cannot exceed 128

Question 6
Regarding online user management, which of the following is wrong?

  • A: Each user group can include multiple users and user groups
  • B: Each user group can belong to multiple parent user groups
  • C: The system has a default user group by default.
  • D: Each user belongs to at least one user group or multiple user groups

Question 7
Which of the following is not a LINUX operating system?

  • A: CentOS
  • B: RedHat
  • C: Ubuntu
  • D: MAC OS

Question 8
According to the protection object to divide the firewall, windows firewall belongs to-?

  • A: Software firewall
  • B: Hardware firewall
  • C: Stand-alone firewall
  • D: Network firewall

Question 9
Which of the following options are ways for a PKI entity to apply for a local certificate from a CA? (Multiple choices)  

  • A: Apply online
  • B: Local application
  • C: Online Application
  • D: Offline application

Question 10
Which of the following options are correct regarding configuring firewall security zones? (Multiple choices)

  • A: The firewall has four security zones by default, and the priorities of the four security zones cannot be modified.
  • B: The firewall can have up to 12 security zones
  • C: A firewall can create two security zones of the same priority
  • D: When data flows between different security areas, the security check of the device will be triggered and the corresponding security policy will be implemented



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