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Exam HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0
Number H12-724
File Name HCIP Security (Fast track) V1-0.VCEPlus.H12-724.2022-11-14.1e.40q.vcex
Size 704 Kb
Posted November 14, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following features does Huawei NIP intrusion prevention equipment support? (multiple choice)

  • A: Virtual patch
  • B: Mail detection
  • C: SSL traffic detection
  • D: Application identification and control

Question 2
Regarding the processing process of file overwhelming, which of the following statements is correct?

  • A: The file filtering module will compare the application type, file type, and transmission direction of the file identified by the previous module with the file filtering rules configured by the administrator.Then the lookup table performs matching from top to bottom.
  • B: If all the parameters of Wenzhu can match all file filtering rules, then the module will execute the action of this file filtering rule.
  • C: There are two types of actions: warning and blocking.
  • D: If the file type is a compressed file, then after the file filtering check, the female file will be sent to the file decompression module for decompression and decompression.Press out the original file. If the decompression fails, the file will not be re-filed.  

Question 3
Which of the following options belong to the keyword matching mode? (multiple choice)

  • A: Text
  • B: Regular expressions
  • C: Community word
  • D: Custom keywords

Question 4
Anti-DDoS defense system includes: management center, detection center and cleaning center.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 5
Regarding HTTP behavior, which of the following statements is wrong?

  • A: HTTP POST is generally used to send information to the server through a web page, such as forumposting x form submission, username I password login.
  • B: When the file upload operation is allowed, the alarm threshold and blocking threshold can be configured to control the size of the uploaded file.
  • C: When the size of the uploaded or downloaded file and the size of the content of the POST operation reach the alarm threshold, the system will generate log information to prompt the device management And block behavior.
  • D: When the uploaded or downloaded file size, POST operation content size reaches the blocking threshold, the system will only block the uploaded or downloaded file, POST operate.

Question 6
For Huawei USG600 products, which of the following statements about mail filtering configuration is correct?

  • A: Cannot control the number of received email attachments
  • B: When the spam processing action is an alert, the email will be blocked and an alert will be generated
  • C: You can control the size of the attachment of the received mail
  • D: Cannot perform keyword filtering on incoming mail  

Question 7
Anti DDoS seven-layer defense can work from the dimensions of interface-based defense, global defense and defense object-based defense.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 8
For the basic mode of HTTP Flood source authentication, which of the following options are correct?
(multiple choice)

  • A: The basic mode can effectively block the access from the Feng Explor client.
  • B: The bot tool does not implement a complete HTTP protocol stack and does not support automaticredirection, so the basic mode can effectively defend against HTTP Flood attacks.hit.
  • C: When there is an HTTP proxy server in the network, the firewall will add the IP address of theproxy server to the whitelist, but it will recognize the basic source of the zombie host.The certificate is still valid.
  • D: The basic mode will not affect the user experience, so the defense effect is higher than the enhanced mode.

Question 9
What are the typical technologies of anti-virus engines (multiple choice)

  • A: First package detection technology
  • B: Heuristic detection technology
  • C: Decryption technology
  • D: File reputation detection technology 5

Question 10
In the big data intelligent security analysis platform, it is necessary to collect data from data sources, and then complete a series of actions such as data processing, detection and analysis, etc. do. Which of the following options does not belong to the action that needs to be completed in the data processing part?

  • A: Data preprocessing
  • B: Threat determination
  • C: Distributed storage  
  • D: Distributed index



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