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Exam HCIE-Datacom V1-0
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The means of the LAND attack is that the attacker sends an SVN packet message with the same source and destination addresses to the target host, the source port and the destination port are the same, and the receiver waits for the final ACK packet to be sent , the connection is always in a semi-connected state, resulting in a full limited TCP reception Waste of resources

  • A: True 
  • B: False

Question 2
If there are multiple recipients in a multicast group, the administrator enables the IGMP-Snooping function on the switch connecting the recipient, and when the receiver receives the universal group query packet of the queryer from the switch, how should multiple recipients respond?

  • A: The first recipient whose response time time expires sends the Report message, the other receivers do not.
  • B: All recipients will respond to Report messages only if ICMPV2 is running.
  • C: All recipients will respond to the Report message only if IGMPvl is running.
  • D: All recipients will respond to the Report message

Question 3
Is the following description of the BSR/RP mechanism correct? 

  • A: PIM-SM domain can have more than one C-BSR, but only one BSR can be elected by the C-BSR that receives the C-RP Packets are collected C-one RP information
  • B: BSR advertises BSR and C-RP information to all routers in the PIM-SM domain by flooding Bootstrap packets
  • C: A C-BSR can also collect C-RP information by receiving C-RP packets

Question 4
RD is used to distinguish the same IP address in different VPNs, how many bits does RD contain ? (Single choice)

  • A: 64
  • B: 32
  • C: 16
  • D: 128

Question 5
Regarding the mpLS handling mode of TTL, is the following description correct?

  • A: Pipe mode. When an IP message passes through the MPLS network, the IPTTL minus 1 is mapped to the WLSTTL field at the incoming node.
  • B: The TTL in the B. MPLS label has the same meaning as the TTL field in the head. TTL prevents mpLS networks from developing bad routing.
  • C: Unifore style, when an IP packet passes through the MPLS network, the IPTTL of the incoming node is minus l. The MPLS TTL field is a fixed value.
  • D: In MPLSVPI, if you need to hide the structure of the MPLS backbone network, you can use Uniform mode on Ingress for private network messages .

Question 6
In an MPLS VPN network, different CE devices exchange routing information with the same PE device using different routing protocols, and different CE devices use routing protocols that are independent of each other

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 7
A company network runs the OSPF protocol, a project in order to understand the OSPF mechanism in the network to perform packet transfer operations, the following description of ospf messages is correct?

  • A: The interface sends a Hello packet immediately after joining the OSPF region
  • B: LS update packet is sent only when the adjacency relationship is established
  • C: When an LsUpdate packet is received, the router must send an LsAck acknowledgment
  • D: LS update packet synchronizes the link state database by sending detailed LSA information

Question 8
Regarding the Stub region in the OSPF protocol , the following statement is correct.

  • A: ASBR cannot exist in the Stub zone
  • B: Virtual connections cannot traverse the Stub region.
  • C: Injecting typeT LSA
  • D: backbone areas that are not allowed in Stub regions cannot be configured as Stub regions.

Question 9
An engineer performed the ingestion operation on an OSPF router in a network of the company, is the following statement about the introduction of the routing LSA correct?

  • A: The A. Advertising Router report is set to as the Router ID of ASBR
  • B: Net Mask is set to all 0
  • C: Link State lD is set as the destination network segment address
  • D: Using the Link State ID and Advertising Router, you can uniquely identify an LSA

Question 10
In broadcast networks, elections to DIS begin only after a neighbor relationship has been established

  • A: True
  • B: False



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