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Exam IBM Storage Technical V2
Number C1000-022
File Name IBM Storage Technical V2.PracticeTest.C1000-022.2019-08-28.1e.27q.vcex
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Posted August 28, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which exclusive feature of the IBM FlashSystem 9100 is a technical advantage over competitive storage arrays? 

  • A: 3D NAND SATA SSD drives
  • B: NVMe SSD drives
  • C: XL Flash modules
  • D: FlashCore modules

Question 2
Which IBM storage solution provides the least latency?

  • A: IBM FlashSystem 9100
  • B: IBM FlashSystem 900
  • C: IBM FlashSystem V9000
  • D: IBM FlashSystem A9000

Question 3
A customer with block storage from a competitor desires an OpenStack ready platform for storage management. 
Which solution should the technical specialist recommend?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Accelerate
  • B: IBM Spectrum Scale
  • C: IBM Storage Insights
  • D: IBM Spectrum Control

Question 4
What is the default configuration of a RAID protection level in an IBM DS8886 HPFE?

  • A: RAID 5
  • B: RAID 1
  • C: RAID 10
  • D: RAID 6

Question 5
A customer plans to upgrade its LTO-4 tapes and drives to LTO-7 drives. 
Which solution should the technical specialist propose concerning existing media that needs to be retained for later recovery?

  • A: Use the LTO-4 drive to write to the new LTO-7 media
  • B: Reformat the LTO-4 media to be used by LTO-7 drives
  • C: Existing media can be read using LTO-7 drives 
  • D: Keep an existing drive to process existing LTO-4 media

Question 6
A customer has existing SAP HANA production nodes connected to IBM Spectrum Scale. The customer needs to scale out additional nodes to maintain the high bandwidth requirement. 
Which type of nodes should be proposed?

  • A: Storage nodes with SAS drives
  • B: Storage nodes with NVMe drives
  • C: Protocol nodes with SSD drives
  • D: Storage nodes with SSD drives

Question 7
What is the minimum role level needed to download support log files to troubleshoot the IBM Spectrum Virtualize software?

  • A: Administrator
  • B: Monitor
  • C: Service
  • D: Security Administrator

Question 8
A customer issued an RFP to replace EMC Disks. Vendors are being asked to provide the best competitive advantage in their proposals. 
What should the IBM proposal on an IBM FlashSystem A9000 include in the bid?

  • A: IBM HyperSwap migration
  • B: All software features included in base price
  • C: Flash cache
  • D: External storage virtualization

Question 9
What describes IBM maintenance remote support security features for the IBM TS4500?

  • A: IBM TS4500 tape library supports password protected dial-in via telnet or ftp.
  • B: Customer data on tape or in memory is encrypted for transmission during remote support sessions.
  • C: IBM TS4500 call-home support defaults to email notification rather than direct dial-in.
  • D: Dial-in is restricted through the IMC, requiring separate logins for each attached system.

Question 10
A customer wants a storage system solution with proactive system health management. The customer has asked about advantages that the IBM FlashSystem A9000R offers. 
Which feature should the technical specialist discuss?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Connect 
  • B: Phase out and self-healing mechanisms
  • C: IBM Assist On-site
  • D: Grid architecture redundancy with hot standby



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