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Exam DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
Number C2090-610
File Name DB2 10-1 Fundamentals.Prepaway.C2090-610.2018-08-07.1e.78q.vcex
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Posted August 07, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two valid objects that can be created in DB2? (Choose two.)

  • A: Tree
  • B: Node
  • C: Trigger
  • D: Contexts
  • E: Sequence 

Question 2
Which type of temporal table can be used to store only time-sensitive data?

  • A: Bitemporal
  • B: Time-period
  • C: System-period
  • D: Application-period

Question 3
When an index is created for a table, where is the metadata for that index stored?

  • A: In the table definition.
  • B: In the system catalog.
  • C: In the schema that the index resides in.
  • D: In the metadata of the table the index was created for.

Question 4
Which product is used to customize execution environments for the purpose of controlling system resources so that one department or service class does not overwhelm the system?

  • A: pureScale
  • B: Workload manager
  • C: Data partitioning feature
  • D: Self-tuning memory manager

Question 5
What type of mechanism is a simple token value that is used to refer to a much bigger large object (LOB)?

  • A: locator
  • B: pointer
  • C: address
  • D: reference 

Question 6
What type of large object (LOB) is used to store LOB data together with the formatted rows on data pages, instead of in a separate LOB storage object?

  • A: inline
  • B: binary
  • C: internal
  • D: partitioned

Question 7
What is the purpose of the Query Tuner?

  • A: To automatically capture and stop rogue queries.
  • B: To provide recommendations and analysis for tuning a single query.
  • C: To provide recommendations and analysis for tuning up to 100 queries.
  • D: To recommend indexes and to guide DBAs through the process of creating new indexes.

Question 8
Which tool allows users to connect to a DB2 database using a wizard?

  • A: Control Center
  • B: IBM Data Studio
  • C: Universal Connection Expert
  • D: DB2 Connection Pool Manager

Question 9
Which two activities indicate the need for a data warehouse? (Choose two.)

  • A: Confirm product inventory.
  • B: Monitor product availability.
  • C: Summarize sales by region. 
  • D: Identify patterns for products sold in the last five years.
  • E: Associate one or more products with a purchase order.

Question 10
What is the primary function of an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workload? 

  • A: To combine data from multiple sources.
  • B: To discover hidden relationships in data.
  • C: To analyze large amounts of data to find patterns.
  • D: To make changes to a small number of records within a single transaction.



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