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Exam Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4
Number C9510-052
File Name Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4.VCEplus.C9510-052.2019-12-27.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted December 27, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In RQM version 3, what can have execution records? (Choose two.)

  • A: Test Plan
  • B: Test Case
  • C: Test Suite
  • D: Test Script

Question 2
Which database servers are supported by the Jazz Team Server?

  • A: IBM DB2, Derby, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • B: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Derby, IBM DB2
  • C: Derby, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database
  • D: IBM DB2, Software AG Adabas, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database

Question 3
Which sequence represents the flow of steps that developers use to collaborate with regard to Jazz source control?

  • A: checkout, checkin, baseline
  • B: checkin, deliver, accept
  • C: accept, checkout, deliver
  • D: rebase, checkout, checkin, deliver

Question 4
What are two capabilities provided by the Lifecycle Project Administration (LPA) application?

  • A: Create a lifecycle project from a predefined template
  • B: Configure email setting for notification when a work item is updated
  • C: Import process template that can be used for lifecycle projects
  • D: Define members to all of the project areas that belong to a lifecycle project
  • E: Register applications to add to the Jazz Team Server environment 

Question 5
Which three Reporting solutions are supported by CLM 2012? (Choose three.)

  • A: BIRT
  • B: RRDI
  • C: Open Reports
  • D: Crystal Reports
  • E: RRDG

Question 6
Which artifact containers are pre-populated with existing artifacts by the sample application for the "Money that Matters" scenario?

  • A: Requirements Management, Business Process Management, and Quality Management
  • B: Quality Management, Change & Configuration Management, and Information Management
  • C: Change & Configuration Management, Vulnerability Management, and Quality Management
  • D: Requirements Management, Change & Configuration Management, and Quality Management

Question 7
In RQM version 3, which user can make a shared test resource available?

  • A: a user who is a member of the project
  • B: a user who is the owner of the shared test resource
  • C: a user who is granted permission to save and modify a project area in the process configuration
  • D: a user who is the creator of the test script

Question 8
What do you need in order to integrate ClearCase source control with Rational Team Concert so that you can take advantage of work items, agile planning, builds, and other functions while using Rational ClearCase for source control management?

  • A: ClearCase Bridge 
  • B: ClearCase Synchronizer
  • C: ClearCase Adapter
  • D: ClearCase Importer

Question 9
To start the RQM command-line adapter, what must you know? (Choose three.)

  • A: the jazz repository URL
  • B: a user ID with the appropriate licenses to log in as an adapter
  • C: the name of the project area, if it is not the default RQM project area
  • D: the path to the batch file or shell script to be executed

Question 10
Which process is used to extract and load data into data warehouse?

  • A: EDL
  • B: ETD
  • C: Copy
  • D: ETL



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