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Exam Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
Number CCSP
File Name Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).Actualtests.CCSP.2019-04-14.1e.258q.vcex
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Posted April 14, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The management plane is used to administer a cloud environment and perform administrative tasks across a variety of systems, but most specifically it's used with 
the hypervisors.  
What does the management plane typically leverage for this orchestration?

  • A: APIs
  • B: Scripts
  • C: TLS
  • D: XML

Question 2
When dealing with PII, which category pertains to those requirements that can carry legal sanctions or penalties for failure to adequately safeguard the data and address compliance requirements?

  • A: Contractual
  • B: Jurisdictional
  • C: Regulated
  • D: Legal 

Question 3
Although the United States does not have a single, comprehensive privacy and regulatory framework, a number of specific regulations pertain to types of data or populations.  
Which of the following is NOT a regulatory system from the United States federal government?

  • A: HIPAA
  • B: SOX
  • C: FISMA
  • D: PCI DSS

Question 4
The president of your company has tasked you with implementing cloud services as the most efficient way of obtaining a robust disaster recovery configuration for your production services.  
Which of the cloud deployment models would you MOST likely be exploring? 

  • A: Hybrid
  • B: Private
  • C: Community
  • D: Public

Question 5
If you are running an application that has strict legal requirements that the data cannot reside on systems that contain other applications or systems, which aspect of cloud computing would be prohibitive in this case?

  • A: Multitenancy
  • B: Broad network access
  • C: Portability
  • D: Elasticity

Question 6
The REST API is a widely used standard for communications of web-based services between clients and the servers hosting them.  
Which protocol does the REST API depend on? 

  • A: HTTP
  • B: SSH
  • C: SAML
  • D: XML

Question 7
Which of the following actions will NOT make data part of the create phase of the cloud data lifecycle?

  • A: Modify data
  • B: Modify metadata
  • C: New data
  • D: Import data

Question 8
Most APIs will support a variety of different data formats or structures.  
However, the SOAP API will only support which one of the following data formats? 

  • A: XML
  • B: XSLT
  • C: JSON
  • D: SAML

Question 9
Which cloud storage type is typically used to house virtual machine images that are used throughout the environment?

  • A: Structured
  • B: Unstructured
  • C: Volume
  • D: Object

Question 10
With an API, various features and optimizations are highly desirable to scalability, reliability, and security.  
What does the REST API support that the SOAP API does NOT support?

  • A: Acceleration
  • B: Caching 
  • C: Redundancy
  • D: Encryption



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